Friday, January 30, 2009

Cowabunga Dude, c'mon in for an audit and meet some thetans

Homer and Marge may not be happy about this, their special little man Bart, has decided to share with the world the wonders of Scientology (listen here).

In a move apparently not endorsed by Fox the television home for the Simpson's or the programs producers, Nancy Cartwright, the voice of the perpetually troublesome cartoon tyke has provided a robo call to cast a net for potential converts to the world made famous by Cruise, Travolta et al.

Now no one is denying Ms. Cartwright to her uh, God? given right to follow the beliefs of whatever religion (or global organization that follows the unorthodox teachings of a science fiction writer) she chooses, but taking on her alter ego in order to attract followers is seen by many as not particularly on the up and up, what with the potential to grasp the likes of a little Milhouse or Nelson and change their outlook on life (audited or not).

More importantly, we're not sure that Bart is perhaps the best option one could come up with as a solid example of the proposed good works that Scientology could deliver.

We wonder if perhaps Reverend Lovejoy, or in an emergency pinch Ned Flanders, might be available for an intervention?

Of course, if we remember correctly , this is not the first time that a member of the Simpson family has gotten into trouble over robo calls...

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