Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Greetings arriving in your mailbox

We’re not even finished the first week of 2009 and already the mailbox is beginning to fill up with glad tidings of joy from government agencies.

So far this week Rupertites have begun to receive in the mail the BC Assessment notices, which for the most part show little change it seems from last years numbers, but just as you take a breath from that dodged bullet comes the happy reminder from Revenue Canada that tax time is soon to come our way.

The tax form packages have begun to make their way to your door, a thoughtful bit of assistance from Revenue Canada that the time to pull out the pencils, calculators and T4 slips and such isn’t that far off the horizon.

For those that made Christmas purchases this past season, the first Visa, Master Card or American Express bill of the year is due to arrive at your mailbox soon, an itemized listing and request for payment from your hectic shopping season purchases.

Still to come will be the annual city services bill in February rattling off the charges for water, sewer and garbage collection a byproduct of the decision to split the property tax and service taxation process a couple of years ago.

All in all it’s enough to give you cause to think twice about shoveling the walkway to your mailbox or salting and sanding the sidewalk by the house, after all if they don’t deliver the bills, we don’t have to pay them right?

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