Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Ruutu given two games to chew things over

Jarrko Ruutu has been given a two game suspension for his part in a wild game in Buffalo on Tuesday night, better known for his pesky ways and biting wit on the ice, things apparently went a little off the rails on Tuesday when he apparently locked his teeth on the thumb of the Sabres Andrew Peters.

As the story goes it seems, during one of the may scrums that seem to be featured in the Sens and Sabres games, Peters had shoved his glove into the face of Ruutu, with Ruutu suggesting he had shoved the glove into his mouth, which resulted in Ruutu allegedly disengaging the digit with a chomp or two.

While many followers of hockey may be shocked to learn that hockey players still have enough teeth to actually chow down on an offending finger or thumb, Ruttu apparently is still blessed with a healthy helping of incisors and molars. And it would seem isn't afraid to put them to work should the need arise.

During the course of the melee in Buffalo, he escaped punishment as no penalty was called, but after further review of the video (and maybe a dental x ray or two) justice was served on Wednesday with the two game suspension.

Needless to say the incident has started the tongues a wagging across the NHL, with quite a few players, coaches and managers offering up an opinion on the bite heard around the league.

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Ruutu, while not quite showing contrition nor an admission of wrongdoing over the events, did accept the NHL's edict and his sentence.

Now with two games to think about how things transpired on Tuesday night, Ruutu will no doubt have some spare time to fill in.

It's our understanding that he'll probably catch up on a few hobbies in the course of his two game suspension.

Perhaps check out some tunes from his favourite band:

Watch his favourite movie one more time:

Watch some educational Television:

Or catch up on his reading with a good book
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