Thursday, January 15, 2009

City Hall Tracker January 12 2009

The first meeting of 2009 for the recently elected council of six and their new (but familiar) Mayor. With a number of issues to deal with for the start of the new year, the agenda was full and the debate was lively...

Included on the agenda was an interesting request for partnership with the city from the Hecate Strait Business Society, so the Business society could access funding that isn't normally available to a non-charity operation. (page 27 of the agenda below)

While little detail was provided as to what funding they are seeking and of what benefit to the city it may provide, its of interest to note that Councillor Kathy Bedard is the Executive Director of the Society and the person making the request of council, one wonders how many other local non charitable organizations might like to avail themselves of that particular option for partnership, with or without a high profile contact at City Hall.

The key for the city is the line from city staff that the cost to the city should be negligible, one would hope so, otherwise there may be a line up down Third avenue seeking similar assistance from other groups. It might be helpful for the city to explain the process a little more fully, providing details as to any cost involved to the City in the process of partnerhsip and more importantly what the money being sought out would be used for in this instance.

Beyond that item, a request for council to meet to discuss outstanding requests for funding from Community Enhancement groups and zoning issues seemed to dominate the first working session of 2009.

January 12, 2009

Agenda for January 12, 2009

Notice of closed meeting for January 12, 2009

City Council session for January 12, 2009:

In Attendance:

Mayor Jack Mussallem
Councillor Anna Ashley
Councillor Kathy Bedard
Councillor Gina Garon
Councillor Sheila Gordon-Payne
Councillor Nelson Kinney
Councillor Joy Thorkelson

Minutes for January 12, 2009

Posted minutes for Regular meeting January 12, 2009 from city website

Daily News Voting summary (From the Wednesday, Jan 14 edition)

Attendance at City Hall to date archives

Upcoming events-- Council Meeting January 26, 2009

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