Monday, January 19, 2009

He waited and waited, but the call never came...

As soon to be former President Bush began his final full day in office, the eyes were planted on computer and television screens awaiting word on the last day paroles and commutations that the final day of a Presidency can bring.

In past Presidencies, the numbers have been high and in some cases rather controversial for these last chance for freedom calls, but alas on this occasion there were but two names read onto the list, two former US Border Patrol guards, jailed for their part in the death of a drug smuggler on the Mexico/USA border.

The commutation of those convictions was seen by many Republican and Democrats as a long overdue reversal of a questionable conviction, though some still suggest that their punishment was just and correct.

While that debate carries on, one would be name for the pardon list could only sit through the day aware that one more avenue of freedom had been denied, Lord Conrad Black, currently a guest of the US government and spending some down time in the state of Florida, had been hopeful that this last day of the George Bush presidency would also mark the beginning of the end of his incarceration, but as the Bush's prepare to leave the White House, Lord Black will have no such plans to leave the Big House.

With the Presidential pardon now off the possible list, Black has but one faint hope left, a possible hearing from the Supreme Court appeals division, a place which apparently so far hasn't listed Mr. Black's case as a priority.

So perhaps a plan B (or is that C, D, E or beyond) for freedom is in order.

Perhaps some inspiration can be found from the following:

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