Thursday, January 08, 2009

Somehow you get the feeling that the morale is a little better at West Jet

With a challenging holiday period still fresh in their minds, executives at West Jet have provided their employees with 500 dollar travel vouchers, just their way of saying thanks for all the hard work during the stressful Christmas and New Year travel period.
Over that period of time, Canadian airports (mainly Vancouver and Toronto) were faced with delays, cancellations and frustrated passengers seeking out information and assistance.

Statistics compiled by the Consumer Association over the holidays show that when the complaints came in, the destination for the over 2000 complaints was overwhelmingly towards Air Canada, the national carrier accounted for 90 per cent of all responses of outrage filed during the Christmas and New Years rush.
Air Canada is in the process of reviewing its performance over the holiday season to try and find out how things went all so wrong.

Many customers complained about absent Air Canada kiosks, little to no information and a frustrating level of lack of communication between the airline and the folks that are paying for the tickets.
Maybe the Air Canada employees were busy filling out applications for work over at West Jet, where the work atmosphere apparently is a little more rewarding.

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