Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Perhaps not everyone has what it takes to be a police officer

It's the kind of story that probably leaves the serving members of the province's police forces angry and disappointed. Concerned for what it does to the reputation of the thousands who serve with distinction, who now may be caught inadvertently in the glow from the ugly behaviour of a few.

Vancouver's media is one full alert for a sensational story, this after details of an early morning altercation between off duty members of various Vancouver police departments and a National Post delivery driver, resulted in a night in jail and potential assault and robbery charges to be laid against the participants.

The tales from the early morning incident run from the police report type of detail, to some more sensational reporting that offers up sidebars of interest to go with the violent altercation on the streets of downtown Vancouver.

Upon arrival Vancouver police took the three into custody and the three officers spent the night and most of the day in Vancouver city cells.

While Vancouver police investigate the alleged early morning assault, which apparently only came to an end when Vancouver city workers intervened with shovels and brooms to protect the delivery driver from further attack, other agencies are waiting for further information.

Vancouver Police went out of their way to advise that the three suspects were being handled as any other suspect might be, though one might think that they might have been given their own cell considering the potential to renew acquaintances with former clients and all that.

The case while under investigation by Vancouver police, will also be forwarded to the Police Complaints commissioner and to the separate police forces that the three men are members of.

No charges have been laid yet, but one can imagine this will be one of the most closely observed police investigations in recent times in Vancouver. Already the issue of the prospect of the police investigating the police has reopened, making this particular case one which will be followed with quite a bit of interest.

Should the alleged case against them be taken and then proven in court, they are surely destined to no longer be members of law enforcement. No doubt a reassuring thing for those that look for assistance from the police and not for a smack down on the streets from their off duty compatriots.

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