Thursday, January 29, 2009

If you won’t go to their films, they’ll bring their films to you!

The National Film Board has moved into the world of convergence, launching a new service on line that allows film lovers around the world to sample some of their better known (and lesser known) works on a weekly basis.

This week showing on line at the NFB Cinema, is that ages old staple of many a high school media class, Neigbhours. Also on the bill is another humourous staple of the NFB, 1985's TheBig Snit.

Both films explore the anger management genre, with Neighours featuring the battle over the property line, which was launched by a solitary flower. And for those that need warnings for everything they do these days, it comes with the obligatory warning that it does contain scenes of violence, though compared to the works of Tarentino et al that seems rather quaint.

Neighbours which first appeared back in 1952, is one of many films that the NFB will feature online, an interesting project that should help to direct more traffic to the NFB site and perhaps increase awareness of the award winning Canadian short industry, one which we only seem to think about when they hand out the Oscars each year.

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