Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wednesday morning crime spree in Prince Rupert leads to Fraser Lake

A string of vehicle break ins from Wednesday morning has led a trail to the community of Fraser Lake.

The local detachment of the RCMP spent the morning hours of Wednesday responding to two automobile break ins one at the coast Hotel, where an attempted theft of a Dodge truck was apparently abandoned, but not before a window and steering column to the truck were damaged.

One hour later the police responded to a successful theft of a Dodge truck from the 7th Avenue East area, once again the window to the vehicle had been smashed to gain entry.

That investigation then led to a report of a theft of an ATV from a carport on Sloan Avenue on the city's west side, where items from the 7th Avenue break in were located at the scene of the theft on Sloan.

As things evolved in the day, the stolen vehicle from 7th Avenue as well as the ATV from Sloan Avenue were recovered in Fraser Lake.

Two out of town males are currently in custody in that community, while the police continue to piece together the trail of theft and damage that resulted from the Wednesday morning crime spree.

The full review of the case files can be found on the RCMP's website.

Update: November 19 2010-- The RCMP updated the arrest of the two males with details from the Fraser Lake detachment as to how the arrests were effected.

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