Monday, November 01, 2010

Drive BC announces Highway 16 reopened, RCMP updates information on the the police incident of Sunday night

"The risk assessment conducted during the investigation has concluded that the man has access to firearms and is currently in his residence on a rural property near Hwy 16. We do consider him to be armed and as such, have deployed the appropriate resources to safely effect an arrest. At this time we are unable to release any further details regarding the ongoing investigation which led up to the man being found at his residence" -- Cpl Dan Moskaluk, a Senior Media Relations Officer some of the details from a background item posted to the RCMP website on Monday morning regarding the police incident unfolding east of Terrace today

Travel will soon be returning to normal on Highway 16 after the RCMP reopened the road between Terrace and Kitwanga to traffic shortly after 1 pm today.

The outline of a press release from the Terrace RCMP provided for a bit more information on an ongoing police action that had closed Highway 16 east of Terrace from Sunday evening until its reopening this afternoon.

RCMP officers from the Terrace detachment as well as members of the North District Emergency Response Team spent Sunday evening and Monday in the  process of attempting to effect  the arrest of a 30 year old Terrace man, in regard to a criminal investigation that has unfolded over the last week in Terrace.

The RCMP seeking to provide for a peaceful arrest and resolution to the incident, had evacuated a number of residences near the property in question, as well as closed the highway to ensure public safety and the safety of its members involved in the police action.

As we outlined on the blog earlier today , the road was closed around supper on Sunday and remained so until the Drive BC website was updated at 1pm this afternoon.

With the road reopened, the incident has clearly moved beyond offering any danger to the travelling public, though no further information has been released as to the nature of that police action of the last eighteen hours or so.

The full public release from the RCMP can be found here, while further updates on the road situation can be found on the Drive BC site.

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Update: 12:39 pm November 1 2010

Update on RCMP Hwy 16 armed person situation

The RCMP further updated the police action taking place east of Terrace with an advisory that one suspect had been arrested, while they continue to seek a second man wanted in regard to the investigation.

However, the nature of that police procedure was such that there is little danger to the public and that resulted in the highway to be reopened at 1 pm (the full RCMP press release can be read here)

A subsequent press release issued at 1:39 this afternoon (read here) announced that the second suspect had been arrested, Both the thirty year old male and the 54  year old man remain in custody and the investigation continues.

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Anonymous said...

What about the RCMP having their guns drawn at the detour? I've been told by 2 parties, the RCMP had their shot guns pointed at motorists arriving at the road closure detour location.