Monday, November 01, 2010

BC Ferries holds Northern Adventure in port for second night

Travellers on the Northern Adventure face another night ashore as BC Ferries cancels the sailing of the vessel to Haida Gwaii for the second night in a row.

Strong winds and severe weather into Monday night means yet another revision to the BC Ferry schedule, with the latest anticipated sailing to take place on Tuesday morning at 6 am with a Skidegate arrival expected to be at Noon.

The Northern Adventure would then make the return trip to Rupert at 4 pm with an 11 pm arrival time, both sailings are listed as weather dependent.

Marine forecasts for the next few days provide for changing conditions, which could impact further on the BC Ferries schedule through the week.

The full Service Notice reads as follows.

Service Notice- Northern Adventure - Sailings Delayed due to Severe Weather

- Prince Rupert - Queen Charlotte Islands (Skidegate) 
- Queen Charlotte Islands (Alliford) - Queen Charlotte Islands (Skidegate) 

Update as of 4:15 PM, November 1st, 2010. 

Please be advised that due to adverse weather conditions in the North Coast area, the Northern Adventure will continue to hold in dock at Prince Rupert. The revised sailing schedule is as follows: 

Tuesday, November 2nd depart Prince Rupert 6:00AM-Arrive Skidegate 12:00PM Weather Dependent '

Tuesday, November 2nd depart Skidegate 4:00PM-Arrive Prince Rupert 11:00PM Weather Dependent '

As the two sailings noted above are dependent upon weather improvements, customers are requested to check the BC Ferries website for Service Notice updates at or to call toll free 1-888-BC FERRY (223-3779).

Further updates on BC Ferries sailings can be found on the BC Ferries website.

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