Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's the economy Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quebec's percolating financial problems, while they settle on the Irish bailout Portugal stands ready for its turn and American firms are getting frustrated over Chinese trade, some of the financial items of note for our Thursday review.

Globe and Mail-- Regulator plans ‘circuit breakers’ for single stocks to halt on sharp moves
Globe and Mail-- Quebec faces huge fiscal crisis: report
National Post-- Britain 'knee deep' in Ireland
National Post-- Quebec headed for $45B deficit: report
Vancouver Sun-- Tax cut turnaround
New York Times-- As Ireland Moves Toward Bailout, Portugal Waits in the Wings
Guardian UK online-- Ireland takes hardline stance on corporation tax as bailout talks begin
Telegraph UK online-- European Central Bank tightens screw on Ireland, Portugal and Spain
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Merchandise imports fall $ 565 million in October
China Daily-- US firms vent frustration over China trade
Times of India-- Axis effect: Sharma proves a point

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