Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Twelve Signs of a Prince Rupert Christmas

Attention Podunkians, do you have the Christmas spirit yet?

We turn to our loyal audience on the blog for some help on an item we are working on for our Podunkian portal for this Christmas season.

With the Christmas craft fair taking place today at the Jim Ciccone Civic Centre, we got to thinking about what other events leading up to Christmas Day best provide for the signal that Christmas is almost upon us.

Taking advantage of our platform from our friends at the local Prince Rupert information portal hackingthemainframe, we seek contributions for our Twelve Signs of Christmas feature to appear shortly on this space.

Today we ask Rupertites and hackingthemainframe aficionados what they consider the traditional signs of Christmas in the Prince Rupert area.

We start off our list with a few suggestions below, but seek out your assistance in rounding up the nominations for entries in our Top Twelve, think of it as the Prince Rupert version of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

We will tabulate the entries and offer up the final product on December 1st.

To get things under way, below some of our signs.

The Annual Christmas craft fair at the Civic Centre
Baker Boy's annual Christmas treat table
Winterfest and the tree lighting session at the Court House
The arrival of Santa Claus at the Rupert Square Mall

There you are,  conversation starter, add to list and check  back to see the full list of the Twelve Signs (and the honourable mentions) on December 1st, thanks in advance to all those that take the time to lend a hand at this very busy time of the year.


Anonymous said...

Kids pulling Christmas light bulbs out of their sockets and smashing them on your driveway.

. said...

LOL, you might be showing your age there, most Christmas lights now are those fancy LED ones, can't really pull them out of the sockets and smash em anymore.