Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sarah Palin: Going Rogue as a charter member of Kim Jong Il's fan club?

Oops Wasilla, we may have a problem.

Would be Presidential candidate Sarah Palin has once again seemingly provided a less than firm grasp on foreign policy, a worrisome trend for those that fear that the Mama Grizzly may yet one day get a chance to memorize those nuclear codes.

Appearing on the Glenn Beck radio show (a home like no other for the Tea Party Queen) Ms. Palin, while discussing the current worrisome situation on the Korean peninsula, offered up the firm unequivocal stand that America needs to stand with their North Korean allies.

No doubt a shocking thing to hear for those in South Korea, who have for some fifty years now thought of the United States as their allies in the still on the books war between the Koreas.

She did make a recovery later on, correcting her original error, but only after a bit of interjection from the helpful host.

Hmmm, now perhaps this is some super secret mission of Mrs. Palin, a bid to disarm the suddenly belligerent North Korean Leader, offering up the hand of friendship.

A salutation from afar for the Rogue State from the gal that went Rogue, a gesture that we're sure the Dear Leader and his heirs and successors would find some comfort with.

But more likely and as history seems to point towards, it's probably more a case of yet another example of her lack of the basics when it comes to the world's trouble spots.

It would seem that the one time Governor and hopeful Presidential candidate might need a few more social studies sessions before she's ready for the world stage...

The whole disjointed proclamation can be found courtesy of the mediate website.

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