Wednesday, November 03, 2010

In the end the vote total was too damn low!

Of the many intriguing political races of Tuesday night's midterm elections in the United States, one which caught the imagination of many was the race for Governor of New York State, which saw Andrew Cuomo handily defeat his main competitor Republican Carl Paladino.

Paladino, a favourite of the Tea Party collective of the American right had managed to become more of a caricature of himself over the course of the election than a serious competitor for Cuomo, his abrasive personality and just the threat of menace seemed to guarantee him second place status in the polling, but never anywhere close to the totals compiled by the son of former Governor Mario Cuomo.

In a campaign that also featured a New York Madam as a candidate, the most entertaining of the candidates  turned out to be a the advocate for lower rents Jimmy McMillan, who was even spoofed on Saturday Night Live a clear indication that he at least made an impression on New Yorkers during the course of his campaign.

Sporting mutton chop sideburns and with a catch phrase of the "Rent is Too Damn High", McMillan seemed to capture the imagination of the voters, though as the results came in on Tuesday night, he didn't seem to capture many of their votes.

His vote total but 1 per cent of the night's 4 million plus voters. Put that up against Mr. Cuomo's 61.5 % and even Mr. Paladino's 34% and it was a case of the votes were too damn low.

Still Mr. McMillan probably comes out of the campaign with a pretty good profile not to mention some free publicity for his latest recording, which features his most recognizable of tunes of of The Rent is Too Damn High, a song that will be forever immortalized through his video, which has become a rather popular view on the You Tube playlists over the last few days.


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