Saturday, November 06, 2010

Tick tock, turn back your clock!

The twice yearly ritual of time change has once again arrived.

Those with a penchant for the night life will gain an extra hour of extra curricular activities tonight as we turn the clocks back one hour, gaining back that one hour of lost sleep from the spring.

Daylight Savings time comes to an end tonight and we return to Standard time, a process that takes place on the first Sunday of November.

And if your thinking that doesn't sound quite right, you have a good memory. The process of changing time changed itself back in 2007, when Daylight Saving Time changed for the first time in more than 20 years, extending the length of Daylight Saving Time by a month to save energy.

Not necessarily a useful thing for the North coast where the days get shorter and the nights longer in the fall and carries on through the winter, making for a dark commute in the morning and dark commute on the return home at night.

Fire officials always take this timely moment to remind residents to switch out the batteries in Smoke detectors and test them as well as Carbon Monoxide detectors (though you probably should do that on a more than twice a year basis anyways)

With a few hours to go before you seek out the time pieces of your homestead and ensure that all are set to the correct time we offer up some light reading for you.

A little research material as you give some thought as to when you wish to turn back your clocks, (though for most, just before retiring to bed seems to be the best approach)

With that job complete all that will be left is to enjoy your extra hour of sleep!

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