Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Port Edward makes the local school the districts top priority

With a new council in place, Port Edward Mayor Dave McDonald knows what his residents main concerns are and he's wasting no time in making sure that council remains focused on them.

The tenuous nature of the District's only elementary school is to be the priority focus of council for the foreseeable future, as they try to find ways to ensure that the Port Edward School remains open and a vibrant part of the community.

Tuesday's Daily News featured that pressing concern as the front page, headline story reflecting the importance of the issue to Port Edward residents.

Infrastructure also a priority for returned Mayor of Port Edward during coming term
By George T. Baker
The Daily News
Tuesday, November
18, 2008
Page one

Port Edward residents re-elected Dave McDonald on Saturday, giving him a clear victory over his competitor Christine Mackenzie.

McDonald took Port Edward by 92 votes, leaving one of the two friends in the mayor's seat and another out of district council all together.

"I am happy to still be mayor and I thank the people of Port Edward for their support," said McDonald.

McDonald was able to win 162 votes versus 70 votes for Mackenzie.

"I did like working with her and she was a lot of support for me and I said that throughout the campaign. She filled in for me when I couldn't make things and I am going to miss her," said McDonald.

He added that he expects his mandate will be keeping the primary school open and finding infrastructure money.

"We've been working hard and we will keep asking the provincial government if they can help us to get it done," said McDonald. "I feel like we are on the right track."

Joining him on city council will be Murray Kristoff, James Brown - both re-elected - and newcomers Dan Franzen and Knut Bjorndal.

Bjorndal, the Community Futures general manager, said that he was happy that his name was selected but added that he wasn't doing it to be a politician so much as he was going to offer his services to district council.

"This is the first time I've run for office and it's just something I thought I could do to help," said Bjorndal.

Bjorndal is the son-in-law of famed former Port Edward Mayor, the late Ed Wampler. He said that Wampler had been feeding him political advice since he first met him in 1965.

"I spent a lot of time with him over the last two years and he taught me it's knowing how to talk to people that is what's important," said Bjorndal.

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