Sunday, November 30, 2008

A low profile apparently is not on the agenda

After numerous newspaper articles from many Canadian and American newspapers, investigations from a number of radio programs and a pair of CBC television investigations, not to mention a lengthy court trial, Dave Frost is apparently not going to slip quietly into hockey history.

One would think that after a rather public trial which released some of the ugly behind the scenes aspects of the game unvarnished and in lurid detail, that the main participant in the trial would wish to be thankful for his acquittal and find his way to remain out of the spotlight.

For most we suspect that would be so, but for Dave Frost it seems that would not be the case.

The former hockey coach and player agent , who was acquitted last week on sexual exploitation charges involving teenage hockey players has taken his thoughts and opinions to the world wide web.

Frost has apparently launched a website called hockeygodonline (you'll have to do a google search, we're not lending a hand here) a portal to provide his observations on the world of professional hockey.

It will no doubt prove to be a most controversial little corner of the web, considering that in addition to his contributions to the world of blogging, he also has signed up Mike Danton the former NHLer who was convicted a number of years ago of trying to arrange a contract killing of Frost.

The relationship between Frost and Danton has been one of the more tragic and surreal of events of recent hockey history, with Danton having broken off all contact with his family vowing to his allegiance to Frost, all while serving his 7 1/2 year prison sentence in a US prison cell .

As if that twist of intrigue isn't enough, the Frost site also promises up the prospect of a Hockey Hottie” of the month, which is to provide for a photo of a female hockey fan with her favourite hockey sweater on and reportedly not much more.

Considering the recent unseemly charges that he faced and the salacious details of the court case, the Hottie feature seems perhaps the most odious of all the offerings that the site may provide.

We wonder how Ontario Justice Geoffrey Griffin feels about his decision now, if he's picked up a paper and read of Mr. Frost's entrepreneurial plans and his choice of platform to exercise his freedom of speech.
There's no word if there will be a reader feedback forum provided from the Frost homepage, but if so, we would hazard a guess that some of the comments he receives won't be particularly enjoyable to read from his point of view.

Then again perhaps common sense will prevail upon the web and this will be one website that quickly gains that no longer in service display that oh so many deserving efforts on the web receive.
If we're all lucky, the site, like it's creator will soon disappear, purged from our memories, both computer and human.
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