Friday, November 21, 2008

Gone in a flash

They're still talking about the fireball over Edmonton on Thursday night, as a bright flash of something from space lit up the skies of Northern Alberta and Saskatchewan.

What is suspected as being a meteor blazed across the northern Alberta night just before 5:30, it's thought to have crashed to earth somewhere between Lloydminster on the Alberta/Saskatchewan border and Melfort further to the east in Saskatchewan.

Reports from the mainstream press and videos posted to You Tube continue to arrive in a regular fashion, here is a sample of some of the reports.

Canadian Press-- Possible meteor lights up the skies in northern Alberta
Discover-- Alberta meteor. Eh.
Calgary Herald-- Massive fireball lights up night skies in Alta., Sask.
Regina Leader Post-- Meteor lights up Saskatchewan sky
Discover Moose Jaw-- Meteorite Strike?
CTV-- Mysterious fireball lights up western Canadian sky

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