Monday, November 17, 2008

Does Don Scott have one more campaign to go?

While he is most likely feeling a little bit of disappointment at the turn of events from Saturday night’s municipal election and his 192 vote shortfall, we wonder if in that cloud of electoral defeat is not the making of a silver lining for Don Scott.

Much of the talk of the recent campaign when it came to Mr. Scott was his last attempt for the Liberal nomination for the provincial riding of the North Coast. A run that came up short to former MLA Bill Belsey, who of course went on to suffer defeat at the hands of the current MLA Gary Coons.

With a provincial election once again on the horizon in May of 2009, the Liberals will soon set about selecting the candidate that they best feel may have the chance to defeat Mr. Coons in the election.

Already the rumblings have it that former Mayor Herb Pond is ready to (as indicated in a recent slip in the Daily News and if the Globe and Mail of earlier this month is correct) and actively seeking that nomination, perhaps as the favored choice of Premier Gordon Campbell himself.

However, it may be that some of the local Liberals (many of whom were high on the list of those curious about the recent City Hall hiring fiasco of August) might have other ideas, which may be where Mr. Scott enters the picture.

There is no apparent timeline in place for the nominations, nor has Mr. Scott ever indicated any interest in the position since his last run for it a few years back, but as they say when one door closes, another one opens…

While we should allow Mr. Scott some time to collect his thoughts and weigh his future options. Perhaps that sound we hear oh so faintly, is the door to the Liberal nomination for May creaking open a little further, ready to welcome another possibility to the mix.

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