Saturday, November 08, 2008

Perks issue keeps coming to the top of the election pile

Those controversial free passes to the Recreation Centre and Earl Mah Aquatic centre granted to city employees continue to make the hot list of election issues it seems.

The ongoing debate over the merit of rewarding employees on the civic payroll with extra benefits seems to have become one of the driving items of the current election campaign.

The latest salvo in the debate was another letter to the editor printed in Wednesday's Daily News.

Letter to the Editor
Prince Rupert Daily News
Wednesday, November 5, 2008
Page five

‘Perks’ are a big issue
To the editor,

In response to the letters regarding city employee access to the Earl Mah Aquatic Centre. I have been following this story since I first heard of this ‘perk’ given to the city employees, as I am sure most of your readers have.

I feel compelled to speak up knowing there is someone out there who has a very good chance to soon be in a position to do something about this injustice.

Those of you, who attack Jack Mussallem’s work ethic, attack all of the working people who do not receive this ‘perk’. You are right in saying that most city workers work a hard eight hour day, but what you fail to take into account is the very generous wage and benefits that they receive for working that eight hour day.

There are a lot of people in this community, that work just as hard or harder, from the person selling you your coffee in the morning, to the person driving around in a delivery vehicle and they do not receive a generous wage, benefit or ‘perks’.

So maybe you should think of those people before you start waving your good fortune in everyone’s face, and if Jack ran on this issue and this issue alone he would get my vote simply for his willingness to stick up for what is not fair to the remainder of the community.

Cory Hoff

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