Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Making your hi def tv obsolete!

Tuesday night's election broadcast on CNN provided a glimpse into the future of television we guess, a future that may just take the pictures out of that box and place them on your living room floor.

CNN introduced its hologram technology on Tuesday night, a fancy bit of witchcraft that transported the image of reporters and guests from Chicago to the CNN studio standing across from the CNN hosts as though standing there in discussion.

It was very strange, but very cool. Something from the era of Star Wars (we can only assume that CNN is now working on a Star Trek like transporter, the next offering for short staffed newsrooms looking to move their assets around at a moments notice) brought to life for the changing medium.

Expect the price of those fancy LCD Hi Definition television sets currently on the market to drop pretty fast now, clearly they will have the shelf life of the black and white cathode ray models of yesteryear.

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