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It's the economy (November 2008)

We continue with our review of the economic stories of the day, tracking the developments on the financial fronts, from the vantage point of news articles and the columns of some of the top financial correspondents that we regularly surf towards.

Check back frequently as we update the latest developments in what is quickly becoming the main topic of conversation for a very interested world.

New York Times

Dec 1-- Deficits and the Future
Nov 30-- Squeezing the Most From a Stimulus Plan
Nov 30-- Each Player in Big Three to Bring Its Own Plan
Nov 30-- China’s President Cites Threat of Global Slowdown
Nov 30-- A New Era 0f Debtor Nations
Nov 25-- All Fall Down
Nov 28-- When the Downturn Sailed Into Savannah
Nov 25-- Not a Moment Too Soon
Nov 25-- U.S. Plans $800 Billion in Lending to Ease Crisis
Nov 25-- The Worst Is Yet To Come: Anonymous Banker Weighs In On The Coming Credit Card Debacle
Nov 25-- Caravan of Auto Company Backers Hopes to Win Over Washington
Nov 25-- Great Engine of China Slows
Nov 25-- On the Rocks
Nov 25-- ‘Recovery’ Is in; ‘Stimulus’ Is So Seven Months Ago
Nov 25-- Obama Vows to Look for Budget Savings to Help Finance Recovery Plan
Nov 24-- Admit We Don’t Know
Nov 17-- A British Lesson on Auto Bailouts
Nov 17-- Clout Has Plunged for Automakers and Union, Too
Nov 17-- What Should Congress Do With G.M.?
Nov 16-- Facing Deficits, States Get Out Sharper Knives
Nov 16-- If Detroit Falls, Foreign Makers Could Be Buffer
Nov 16-- Seeking Aid, Automakers Have a Friend in the U.A.W.
Nov 16-- A Deregulator Looks Back, Unswayed
Nov 16-- Gonna Need a Bigger Boat
Nov 16-- What’s Good for G.M. Is Good for the Army
Nov 16-- Japan’s Economy, World’s Second Largest, Is in Recession
Nov 16-- Concession by Iceland Clears Path for I.M.F. Aid
Nov 16-- Our Risk, Wall Street’s Reward
Nov 16-- Congress Meets for One Last Fight and to Look Ahead
Nov 16-- Facing Deficits, States Get Out Sharper Knives
Nov 15-- Saving Detroit From Itself
Nov 15-- Drop Dead’ Is Not an Option
Nov 15-- When Wall Street Runs Dry
Nov 14-- Depression Economics Returns
Nov 14-- Words Fly, but No Aid for Detroit
Nov 14-- Economy Is Only Issue for Michigan Governor
Nov 14-- Facing Crisis, Congress Makes Sense
Nov 14-- Bailout to Nowhere
Nov 11-- Beyond the Fat Cats
Nov 11-- How to Fix a Flat
Nov 10-- Franklin Delano Obama?
Nov 9-- Show Me the Money
Nov 6-- Proceed With Care, Mr. Obama
Nov 6-- In Washington, Automakers Plead for Aid
Nov 6-- Once Sizzling, China’s Economy Shows Rapid Signs of Fizzling
Nov 6-- Bleak Reports Keep Markets in Free Fall
Nov 4-- Finishing Our Work
Nov 3-- Lame Duck Summit
Nov 3-- The Republican Rump
Nov 3-- New Terrain for Panel on Bailout
Nov 3-- Automakers Report Grim October Sales
Nov 3-- German Bank Seeks $10.5 Billion in Bailout Aid
Nov 3-- As Ukraine Staggers, Its Leaders Quarrel
Nov 3-- Bank Survey Shows Credit Is Growing Even Tighter

Globe and Mail

Nov 30-- Modest start to shopping season
Nov 30-- Russia slashes outlook for growth
Nov 30-- Poland unveils financial plan
Nov 30-- Kuwait crisis threatens economic reforms
Nov 30-- U.S. auto worker chief pleads for aid
Nov 30-- Auto wages to cost $27 an hour more in Canada versus U.S.
Nov 30-- Oil majors eye $5-billion ships to cut costs
Nov 29-- OPEC delays decision on output cuts
Nov 29-- Ottawa sets deadline for auto makers
Nov 29-- Auto makers must show plans before getting government cash
Nov 28-- No further stimulus in the works, Flaherty says
Nov 26-- Caisse caught in loonie downdraft
Nov 25-- Tuesday's announcement makes it $7-trillion (U.S.)
Nov 25-- BHP blames Alcan debt, cancels Rio takeover
Nov 25-- Lost auto jobs pegged at 15,000
Nov 25-- Citing uncertainty, BMO halts profit targets
Nov 25-- TD, RBC scramble to raise money
Nov 25-- ABCP restructuring won't meet deadline
Nov 25-- Spend on public works: Dodge
Nov 25-- Commercial real estate vacancies to rise
Nov 25-- EI claims skyrocket in Oshawa, Windsor
Nov 25-- Oil tumbles below $51 a barrel
Nov 25-- A bitter reckoning
Nov 25-- Ottawa to clamp down on spending
Nov 25-- OECD forecasts 0.5-per-cent Canadian contraction
Nov 25-- U.S. economy shrinks 0.5 per cent
Nov 20-- TSX plunges 750 points
Nov 20-- Auto bailout vote put off until December
Nov 20-- Loonie slides more than 2.5 cents
Nov 20-- Oil tumbles below $50 a barrel
Nov 20-- Canada faces two years of budget deficits
Nov 20-- How many cars will solvency take?
Nov 20-- TD takes credit trading hit
Nov 19-- Auto execs plea for lifeline to stave off total collapse
Nov 16-- Senators oppose auto bailout
Nov 16-- Bankruptcy would be ‘devastating': GM CEO
Nov 16-- Goldman CEO, 6 others forgo 2008 bonuses
Nov 16-- Japan sinks into recession
Nov 16-- Oil production cuts unlikely this month: OPEC head
Nov 16-- Russia's ruble push likely to prove long haul
Nov 16-- Brazil's middle-class dreams on hold
Nov 15-- In Argentina, gloom over government controls
Nov 15-- Declaration of the Summit on Financial Markets and the World Economy
Nov 15-- Pelosi outlines aid for U.S. auto makers
Nov 15-- Leaders gird for battle over global financial crisis
Nov 15-- G20 leaders vow to take action on economy
Nov 14-- Freddie Mac seeks aid after $25.3-billion loss
Nov 14-- Advice from Japan: Keep on spending
Nov 14-- Euro zone tips into recession
Nov 14-- In desperate need of repair
Nov 14-- Canada considers joint auto bailout with U.S.
Nov 14-- Housing slump deepens as prices drop most in 26 years
Nov 14-- In desperate need of repair
Nov 14-- Harper calls for global scrutiny of countries' banking systems
Nov 8-- European (dis)union
Nov 8-- The tastes of fine life begin to go sour for besieged Britons
Nov 8-- World Bank head warns financial crisis could drive up number of poor
Nov 8-- Flaherty calls for concrete action
Nov 8-- Global crisis threatens China's income gains
Nov 7-- Fearing worst, GM pleads for aid
Nov 7-- Ottawa opens door to aid for auto industry
Nov 7-- BRIC targets broader global body to replace G7
Nov 7-- The rise and fall of the Vancouver high-rise
Nov 6-- Big moves amid gathering gloom
Nov 6-- AGF Trust cuts staff by 10%
Nov 6-- Shaken Manulife goes to banks for loan
Nov 6-- Stock market rout continues
Nov 6-- Theme park bookings down at Disney
Nov 6-- Venezuela offers Russians gold projects
Nov 6-- Mattel to cut 1,000 jobs worldwide
Nov 6-- Las Vegas Sands may miss covenant requirements
Nov 3-- ‘In my 27 years, I never saw a month like this'
Nov 3-- Falling oil: Relief amid economic turbulence
Nov 3-- In these economic hard times, divided we fall

National Post

Nov 30-- Stop bickering, get working, MPs urged
Nov 30-- Tories fear coalition, set next budget for Jan. 27
Nov 30-- John Ivison: Ignatieff would be PM in a Liberal-led coalition
Nov 30-- Don Martin: Harper has no one to blame but himself
Nov 30-- Detroit Three proposals seek billions from U.S. government
Nov 29-- Kelly McParland: Liberals stage a coup with three heads and no leader
Nov 29-- Boomers' retirement dreams fade
Nov 25-- BMO head urges Ottawa to act decisively
Nov 25-- Economists warn Ottawa stimulus may fail
Nov 25-- Canadians using food banks at record levels, says charity
Nov 25-- Canada in recession and heading for deficit: OECD
Nov 25-- Funding tough for Ottawa's big build
Nov 25-- Major recession could mean $50-billion deficit: report
Nov 25-- Canadian automakers face $1.7-billion loss
Nov 25-- Automakers must show solid plans to win aid: Clement
Nov 25-- Obama vows not to let auto industry 'vanish'
Nov 25-- Detroit bailout could be tip of iceberg: JP Morgan
Nov 25-- Six steps to retool GM
Nov 25-- Let's support the workers: B. C. Premier
Nov 25-- Now for the real Shock Doctrine
Nov 25-- Golf: Cash-strapped GM bids adieu to Tiger
Nov 24-- Canadian banks don't need rescue, says TD's Clark
Nov 24-- Banks scramble to shore up reserves
Nov 23-- When will it get better for banks?
Nov 20-- TSX sinks to lowest level in 5 years
Nov 20-- Oil drops 7% to below US$50 a barrel
Nov 20-- Global stocks at 5-1/2 year lows
Nov 20-- Global stocks, U.S. futures drop
Nov 20-- Automakers must plead their case again
Nov 20-- Loonie headed for 4-year low
Nov 20-- TD retreats after being burned by credit markets
Nov 20-- Bank profit slide worst in nearly two decades
Nov 19-- Carney signals rate cut as outlook worsens
Nov 19-- Auto sector failure would deal a blow to Canada's GDP
Nov 19-- GM plans shutdowns at Ontario, U.S. plants
Nov 19-- Alberta offers $1.8-B royalty break
Nov 19-- GM sinks to 66-year low as bailout doubts mount
Nov 18-- What's bad for Big 3, is really bad for Canada
Nov 18-- Oil price closing in on a bottom
Nov 17-- Face the facts: It's going to get ugly
Nov 17-- Citigroup sets credit crisis record with 52,000 job cuts
Nov 17-- Petro-Canada backtracks on oil sands plants
Nov 17-- White House opposes auto bailout bid
Nov 17-- Toronto stocks close nearly 3% lower
Nov 17-- Loonie takes advantage of greenback retreat
Nov 17-- Asian economic stimulus in the making
Nov 16-- Auto executives in spotlight as US weighs bailout
Nov 16-- Obama urges help for homeowners, auto industry
Nov 15-- UAW chief says U.S. carmakers in need of urgent loan
Nov 15-- G20 has lots to talk about
Nov 15-- Together But Not United
Nov 15-- G20 plans major financial overhaul
Nov 15-- Canada will try to avoid deficit: Harper
Nov 15-- Summit agrees to global oversight of banks
Nov 14-- U.S. Senate to take up auto bailout on Monday: Reid
Nov 14-- G20 nears deal for global oversight of banks
Nov 14-- Can Bush and Flaherty save capitalism?
Nov 14-- G20 summit looks to overhaul markets
Nov 14-- World leaders aim to remake history
Nov 14-- Who are the players at the G20 summit?
Nov 14-- G20 summit may trigger another global rate cut
Nov 14-- Markets under 'severe strain,' Bernanke warns
Nov 14-- Canada seeks middle ground in crisis talks: Harper
Nov 14-- G20 summit unlikely to get very far
Nov 13-- The G20 has its job cut out for it this weekend
Nov 13-- Jim Flaherty: Canada's 'boring' financial tips for the world
Nov 13-- George W. Bush: Keep markets free
Nov 12-- 'Detroit meltdown' worries Toyota, Honda
Nov 12-- GM dealers to lobby for extra loans
Nov 12-- Terence Corcoran: Rescuers pulling market under
Nov 12-- William Watson: Don’t bail out the car companies
Nov 12-- Auto Bailout Fuels Debate
Nov 12-- The New Deal’s old problems
Nov 12-- China leads: Canada, US, Alberta must heed
Nov 12-- Obama: fixing North America
Nov 11-- Auto bailout needs repair
Nov 11-- GM shares slide to 65-year-low
Nov 10-- Mexico: the next crisis
Nov 8-- Crisis not a time to overhaul system: Flaherty
Nov 8-- Flaherty eyes measures to ease credit flow
Nov 8-- Lula calls for sweeping changes to financial systems
Nov 8-- Emerging giants want seat at table
Nov 8-- Oil party hits the skids
Nov 7-- Economy not quite in freefall, but close, Greenspan says
Nov 7-- China's economic miracle fading fast
Nov 7-- Detroit auto makers reel under huge losses
Nov 7-- Ottawa under pressure to aid Canadian auto industry
Nov 6-- IMF slashes growth forecasts as Europeans cut rates
Nov 6-- U.S. stocks in worst two-day slide in 11 years
Nov 6-- TSX main index falls more than 3%
Nov 6-- Oil nears US$60 on recession concerns
Nov 6-- World still in midst of credit crisis, Flaherty warns
Nov 6-- Canada's financial system a model for world: Harper
Nov 6-- Big Apple starting to crumble
Nov 6-- Iceland Watch: Situation goes from bad to worse
Nov 6-- Market turmoil caught us off guard: Manulife
Nov 5-- Auto industry collapse would crush U.S. economy: study
Nov 5-- GM to announce 'important changes’ on Friday
Nov 5-- 'Time is very short' to save GM, advisor warns
Nov 3-- 'Have-not' Ontario must take control of its own future
Nov 3-- Manufacturers ask Ottawa to guarantee loans
Nov 3-- U.S. manufacturing shrinking at an 'alarming rate'
Nov 3-- Ontario to get first 'have-not' handout next year
Nov 3-- Canadian dollar rises 2% to above 84 cents
Nov 3-- Oil drops almost 6% on slumping demand
Nov 3-- Conference Board of Canada cuts economic outlook

Vancouver Sun

Nov 25-- Alarm Bell(s) over declining forest revenues
Nov 25-- Financial crisis hits recycling industry
Nov 16-- JP Morgan could axe thousands of jobs
Nov 16-- Inflation expected to be down in Canada, U.S.
Nov 15-- GM lobbying hard for U.S. bailout: Wall St Journal
Nov 14-- B.C. residential sales volume plummets
Nov 6-- Vancouver agrees to lend up to $100M for 2010 athletes village
Nov 6-- Markets back in crisis mode
Nov 3-- Metro Vancouver home equity takes a huge hit
Nov 3-- Forest-dependent towns want more than ideas offered by premier, NDP
Nov 3-- Metro Vancouver gas price lowest since January

European papers

Nov 25-- Is Britain going bankrupt?
Nov 25-- Rio denies equity issue rumours after BHP walks away
Nov 25-- Investors furious as BHP pulls plug on costly pursuit of rival Rio Tinto
Nov 25-- BHP walks away from mining mega-merger
Nov 25-- Baseball stadium named for Citigroup faces scrutiny
Nov 25-- World's worst recession since 1980s will hit Britain hard, OECD warns
Nov 25-- UK will not recover 'until the end of 2009'
Nov 25-- US injects further $800bn to kick-start lending
Nov 24-- Sarkozy drills another nail in the Brussels coffin
Nov 17-- Volcker issues dire warning on slump
Nov 17-- Billions to be spent on hospitals and schools
Nov 17-- Spending your way out of recession may not be that easy
Nov 17-- Refund for UK savers as Iceland seeks IMF rescue
Nov 16-- WTO under pressure to resume world trade talks to lift global economy
Nov 16-- Russia's banal reality lies in between energy superpower and bankrupt state
Nov 16-- Gordon Brown will not be hitting the G20 spot
Nov 16-- Financial Crisis: Inaccurate headlines are fanning the flames
Nov 14-- Las Vegas and Macau hit as high-rollers come down to earth
Nov 4-- Election marks watershed for US newspapers
Nov 3-- Change of guard could administer adrenalin shot
Nov 3-- We have policies to avoid a repeat of the 1930s
Nov 3-- France threatens to seize banks, German bail-outs escalate
Nov 3-- Revenge of the Left across the world
Nov 3-- Recession hits Europe as Club Med debt worries grow
Nov 3-- Real economy is biggest presidential challenge

Podunkian archives

Nov 19-- As Goes GM, so goes America (and a few other countries as well)
Nov 2-- Preparing for phase two disappointments?

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