Monday, November 24, 2008

One last get together for old times sake

Prince Rupert City Council will meet in special session on Monday at 7 pm, a last minute addition to the City Council schedule that we assume will feature the out going council and Mayor in deliberation over some final details.

We say assume, as nowhere on the official agenda of the November 24th meeting is there a spot for the swearing in of the new council, and event which is not set to officially take place until next Monday, December 2.

The notice of the Special meeting appeared on the council website late last week and the agenda for the night provides for a fairly lengthy bit of work for the councillors and Mayor to take care of before the new faces arrive.

Though we suspect that Mayor elect Jack Mussallem and those councillors that are due to take their seats in council, will be found somewhere in the gallery, eagerly taking notes to keep up to speed on the final decisions of the outgoing council.

On the agenda for Monday's city hall session (no more penthouse gatherings for this group we see) from the city's website are a number of items including:
A grant in aid for the annual guns and Hoses hockey match at the Civic Centre always a local on ice favourite, as well as a decision on whether to allow the famed RCMP Musical ride to practice and perform on Patulo Field and stable the horses in the Civic Centre in July of 2009 (we assume only if they bring their own pooper scoopers.)

Also on the nights list of things to do, review some financial reports and grant applications, continued thoughts on a twinning of cities proposal, a nuisance and hazard order and request for demolition of a Cotton street structure, a number of zoning variances, discussion of resolutions from a closed meeting and some house keeping on a bylaw provision.

It makes for a full plate for Monday night, tidying up of some loose ends we guess and setting the table for the new council when they take their seats on December 2nd.

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