Wednesday, November 05, 2008

In less time than it took to prepare an order of fish and chips, the Green Apple was gone

We still can't quite get used to the sudden appearance of vacant space at the corner of McBride and Third Avenue, last weeks demolition of the Green Apple is still one of the discussion topics around town.

Featured as the Daily Discussion question in Tuesday's Daily News, it has proven to be a Prince Rupert landmark that seems to have been the home for many memories over the years.

We never got around to posting the links to some fascinating pictures from last week, so we'll make our amends here.

The local conversation portal hackingthemainframe provided that instantaneous collection of events as local residents posted their pictures and memories to the topic board on the site, you can view the rather fast pace of destruction from this link.

The Northern View also posted details of the demolition project to their website last week.

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