Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Podunkian Music Club November 25, 2008

Platinum Blonde-- Crying over You

Having missed last weeks contribution to the music club, we figure we better get it together this week before history repeats itself.

Our selection tonight comes from Canada's pop/new wave era of the mid eighties, featuring Platinum Blonde, the pop kings of the era who found a number of hits coming their way with their combination of new wave imagery and sound with some straight ahead pop stylings.

The selection also comes with the tragic news of the passing of the bands one time bassist, Kenny MacLean, who was discovered dead in his apartment on Monday. McLean joined the band as the Alien Shores recording was being created, a move which allowed singer Mark Holmes to take on the lead singing duties for the band as McLean picked up the bass lines.

Through the eighties the band symbolized the growing stature of the Canadian Music scene which was creating a thriving music industry out of Toronto, where much of the new wave era bands had gravitated to soak up the atmosphere of the new sound.

There was some talk of a Platinum Blonde reunion tour in 2009, which may or may not have been an anticipated event on the music calendar, though fellow band mates of the era said they were looking forward to touring again under the Platinum Blonde banner.

We suspect that the passing of McLean will mean that the band's past will be the timeline that fans will have to accept now.

Artist-- Platinum Blonde
Recording-- Alien Shores

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