Sunday, May 31, 2009

Work from home! Your opinion could make you money…

Taking part in the soon-to-begin environmental assessment over Phase Two of the Fairview container port could be a financially rewarding thing for you.

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency is making available 100,000 dollars for individuals or groups than may wish to contribute to the debate on the planned expansion of the container port and its impact on the environment.

To receive funding, successful applicants must participate in thecomprehensive study process. This funding is intended for activities that will follow the public consultation currently underway on the scope of the project.

The scope of that study includes an examination as to how the extending of the existing wharf structure and expanding the on-shore terminal will impact the environment and lifestyle of coastal users.

As well the plans of Canadian National Railway Company will come in for an examination as the railroad is proposing improvements to the associated rail infrastructure as part of the project.

Interested participants have until June 29th, 2009 to have their funding application in place for consideration. You can find out more details on the funding opportunity by taking a look at the CEAA website, where further information on the assessment and the funding possibilities can be found.

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