Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Some may have to take a drive to buy a GM

General Motors has delivered the news to some 245 distributors across Canada, part of the plan for its rebirth, all part of what they call an aggressive operating plan.

As part of the process, letters were sent Wednesday to 245 of 709 dealerships in Canada informing them that their sales-and-service relationships will be ending. That's two fifths of the automakers network, roughly forty two percent of the network of auto dealers that once upon a time led the market in car sales.

The network of dealers across Canada employs some 33,000 workers, so needless to say there could be some serious changes to the employment picture for many workers by the time the plug is pulled on the GM affiliation.

It's a move that could see some communities across the nation losing their GM dealership or having to drive further to find one.

Details of the dealerships which have been targeted by GM have not been released publicly yet, so there is no word on whether any GM dealers in the Northwest had been affected by the cost cutting measures from Head Office.

Update: The Northern View posted a story on Thursday morning advising that the local Prince Rupert GM dealership wasn not among those to be cut loose by the automaker.

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