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Podunk Below the Masthead Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Performers rule the stage at the Lester Centre, the school district sends out mails out not so glad tidings and NaiKun records a loss and continues on with its review process. Some of the items of note for Tuesday's Daily News.

OPENING CONCERT A GRAND WAY TO START OFF FESTIVAL-- The opening night for the Performing Arts BC Festival features a number of entertaining and talented performers, the Daily news sent Monica Lamb-Yorski off to record the events (see story below)

The School District sends its regards, but asks that you resubmit your application for employment.

Well we suspect the letter didn't quite read like that, but with a smaller enrollment anticipated it appears that some "bumping" is soon to take place in the ranks of the teachers. The Daily News outlined how some 80 layoff notices were delivered to local teachers, though it's not anticipated that the pending layoffs will number quite that high, as those on the layoff list begin the process of reapplying for positions pending seniority provisions in the contract.

It makes for a confusing and no doubt stressful period of time for local teachers, with PRDTU president Gabriel Bureau expressing her and her memberships frustrations on the process in play.

Naikun may have lost over 7 million dollars in the last two quarters, but the company remains undeterred by their financial shortfalls. With an eye on the goal of acceptance as part of the BC Hydro Clean Power call, Naikun continues on with their plans for the public impact phase of the environmental review of their wind power projects on the North coast.

The multi million dollar losses were not an unanticipated part of the process, and despite having less cash on hand in March than they did last December, the company remains hopeful of pushing ahead and becoming part of the BC Hydro commitment to Clean Power.

The company will be holding a public meeting in Prince Rupert next week to examine the environmental assessment, the deadline for public input into that assessment comes up on July 12.

The Sports section features a review of the success of Charles Hays Secondary, as their grade eights triumphed over all at a recent Zones meet in Smithers.

Total pages in the Tuesday paper 12

Front page, headline story:

By Monica Lamb-Yorski
The Daily News
Tuesday, May 26, 2009
Pages one and three

The opening concert for the Performing Arts Be Festival featured a lineup of performers from Prince Rupert and Terrace.

Before the entertainment, however, Mayor Jack Mussallem received a plaque from PABC president Brenda Sleightholm, acknowledging the city for hosting the festival.

Sleightholm, here from Kamloops, thanked the city for welcoming her with sunshine, a view of the harbour and the bald eagle flying by her hotel room.

Jennifer Kloppers who was the evening's master of ceremonies said she hoped competitors and their families enjoy their stay in Prince Rupert.

"We may be known as the City of Rainbows but we are also the friendliest city in B.C.," she said. "I came here for two years and I'm still here eight years later."

The Pacific Mist Chorus Sweet Adelines, made up of female singers from both Terrace and Prince Rupert, arrived on the stage in cowboy hats, sparkling turquoise jackets and ready to sing Hey Good Looking and Can't Get a Man.

Always animated and appearing to have a lot of fun on the stage the Sweet Adelines offered a taste of what they've been working on as a chorus this year.

Musical theatre students Caitlenn Bull, Catherine Collins and Jessica Mokzycki from Spectrum City Dance sang Matchmaker from Fiddler on the Roof, a piece they performed for festivals this year.

Michael Onwood, one of the accompanists here for the week, expertly performed three preludes from George Gershwin on the Lester Centre's grand piano.

Onwood has been an accompanist for the PABC for the last five years.

A demi character piece, featuring 27 students from the Dance Academy of Prince Rupert, was a colourful addition to the evening. Clad in bright and colourful costumes, the students told a story about the feisty attitude of toys in a shop after hours.

Jiwoon Kang, a Japanese exchange student at Charles Hays Secondary School, performed Canon in D Major by Pachelbel.

It's rumoured he often brings his violin to school and randomly performs, so it was nice for those in the community who are not in school, to hear him play.

Sharing a song with local significance was the Prince Rupert Rotary Community Choir with a pieced called Man Who Fell From Heaven. The words are from a poem written by former Rupertite Andrew Wreggitt about the petraglyph near Metlakatla.

Peter Witherly, the choir's director, put the words to music for the four voice parts, sung by the choir's 27 members and the piano accompanist, Larissa Goruk.

One of the evening's biggest surprises was the singing of the Italian aria Per la Gloria d'adorarvi by Opa Sushi's chef, Daisuke Fukasaku.

A baritone, Fukasaku, studied music in the US, majoring in voice and traveled performing in choirs in Europe.

He received cheers from people in the audience and Cloppers said she wants sushi with Italian arias for next Valentine's Day.

Terrace was also represented by Classical Act, a group of six musicians who performed on flute, violin, cello and bass. The group appeared two times during the evening playing a Concerto in D Major, no. 4, Sailor's Song and Polka.

The evening closed with a tap number from Spectrum City Dance called Simply Irresistible. Wearing bright pink and polka dot costumes, the young dancers brought the concert to an energetic close.

Correction: We are advised that Gabriel Bureau is a he, not a she, as indicated in our School District item, we apologize for our mis identification.

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