Thursday, May 14, 2009

City Hall Tracker May 11, 2009

With Mayor Jack Mussallem back at the head of the council table, the city's elected representative set about with their work, tackling an ambitious agenda made up mainly of matters financial. Among the items for discussion for Monday were a look over of the financial statements provided by staff, leading up to the vote on the anticipated tax increases for 2009.

Council also approved a couple of infrastructure projects that were in the planning stages and agreed that a Climate change Committee was required at city hall and has instructed staff to arrange for it to take place.

May 11, 2009

Regular council meeting Agenda for May 11, 2009

Notice of Public Meeting Agenda for May 11, 2009

City council session for May 11, 2009

In attendance:
Mayor Jack Mussallem
Councillor Anna Ashley
Councillor Sheila Gordon-Payne
Councillor Nelson Kinney
Councillor Kathy Bedard
Councillor Gina Garon
Councillor Joy Thorkelson

Regular City council minutes for May 11, 2009

Public Hearing minutes for May 11, 2009

Daily News voting summary
Wednesday, May 13. 2009 edition

Attendance at City Hall to date archives

Upcoming events-- City council meeting May 25, 2009

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