Tuesday, May 05, 2009

For Sale on eBay, one large Vancouver office no longer required

Unemployment in Vancouver is about to take a jump,as the eBay on line auction service closes its Burnaby location leaving 700 British Columbians out of work.
The 700 job losses out of Vancouver are but a small dent in the overall workforce of the company, which at the moment is more than 16,200 .
While the Vancouver operation closes its doors in September, eBay will increase staff in Salt Lake City and its various offshore offices in such locations as the Philippines and Europe where the online service has customer service centres. North American based eBay employees, many from the Vancouver office, regularly train the staff in those offshore locations, perhaps in the end training their eventual replacements it would seem.

The eBay offices in Vancouver opened in 2003 amid much fanfare about how Vancouver was a tech savvy city, ideally suited to the on line auctioneers requirements and close to the head office of San Jose, California.

Six years later it seems that economic forces and the ability to work in a more financially rewarding model in low wage locations brings an end to the eBay way in BC.

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