Monday, May 11, 2009

Council set to look over some numbers on Monday night

Prince Rupert City Council returns to the work of municipal discussion this Monday night, the first meeting for May and apparently an important one considering the length of the agenda for the session ahead this evening.

Posted on the city website for this evening is a seventy five page preview of what is ahead for council, among the items for discussion and review this evening are some reports from the General Manager over planned Public Works projects; among the key topics of discussion are the expansion of the landfill site, the Duncan road pump station and sewer project and the introduction of pay parking to Atlin Terminal (save your Loonies they are soon to be of use)

Council will also look over some appointments to local boards and review a number of bylaw recommendations.

But the bulk of those seventy five pages of reading material prior to tonight's council meeting are taken up by the City's audited financial statement and five year plan, all of which runs from page 13 on to page 64 of the on line agenda.
Those that are truly dedicated to their understanding of the machinations of civic government will no doubt find much to discuss among all the different entries required in the running of a city, from the fire department, to protective services and communications, the financial statement provides for much of interest for the inquisitive policy nerds of Podunk.

In the end though, these statements all come down to one thing, what's it going to cost...

For those wishing to get a more in depth look at the anticipated impact on households by the projected 3.8 tax increase, page 67 offers up a spread sheet that shows what you will pay according to the value of your home, for those looking for nightmare scenarios just move your finger to the right...

Of course in among all of that information will come one more item of interest to local residents, the attendance list.

The Mayor's chair has had fill in hosts for the last three sessions, with a string of public appearances over the last week, it's anticipated that Mayor Jack Mussallem will be back at the gavel as tonight's deliberations begin.

No doubt more than ready to guide council and the city through the process of making sense of the finances and soothing the taxpayers for whom the tax bill will soon need paying.

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