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It's the economy (May 2009)

We continue on with our examination of the economic tumult and the reporting of such for the month of May.

The New York Times

May 31-- Deal With G.M. Bondholders Sets Stage for Bankruptcy
May 31-- Across Europe, Ripples From the Opel Deal
May 30-- Industry Fears Americans May Quit New Car Habit
May 30-- What About the Valley After the Rally?
May 29-- In Opel Talks, a High-Stakes Game of Poker
May 29-- Ireland Injects $5.6 Billion Into Bank
May 28-- The Big Inflation Scare
May 28-- Another Rescue?
May 28-- Bondholder Group Reaches Deal for Up to 25% G.M. Stake
May 28-- Tata Unveils Truck Lineup
May 27-- Chrysler Cures a Bankruptcy, but Tests Loom
May 24-- State of Paralysis
May 22-- Blue Double Cross
May 18-- U.S. to Issue Tougher Fuel Standards for Automobiles
May 18-- Ford Rejects Big Cuts in Dealer Network
May 18-- Overhaul Likely for Credit Cards
May 18-- Home Depot Girds for Continued Weakness
May 17-- The Perfect, the Good, the Planet
May 14-- Fiscal Suicide Ahead
May 12-- Ships Tread Water, Waiting for Cargo
May 12-- Trade Numbers Reflect Scope of Slump
May 12-- Insolvency for Social Security and Medicare Is Seen Closer
May 10-- Rising Credit Card Losses Are Next Challenge for Banks
May 10-- Obama Adviser Sees Unemployment Rising Until 2010
May 10-- China Emerges as a Leader in Cleaner Coal Technology
May 10-- Harry, Louise and Barack
May 7-- U.S. Says Ailing Banks Need $75 Billion
May 7-- Stressing the Positive
May 7-- GMAC, Among the Weakest, Seems in Line for a Bailout
May 7-- G.M., Leaking Cash, Faces Bigger Chance of Bankruptcy
May 7-- Markets in Asia Are Flat
May 7-- Central Banks in Europe Ease Credit Policies Again
May 5-- U.S. Says Bank of America Needs $33.9 Billion Cushion
May 5-- Asian Markets Jittery Over U.S. Bank Stress Tests
May 5-- Plan to Sell Chrysler to Fiat Clears Bar
May 5-- India, Suddenly Starved for Investment
May 5-- Bernanke Sees Hopeful Signs but No Quick Recovery
May 5-- Bright Spot in Downturn: New Hiring Is Robust
May 4-- Falling Wage Syndrome
May 3-- Tests of Banks May Bring Hope More Than Fear
May 3-- Worries Rise on the Size of U.S. Debt
May 3-- Buffett Criticizes Bank Stress Tests
May 2-- Chrysler’s Fall May Help Obama to Reshape G.M.

The National Post

May 30-- Magna seals deal for Opel
May 30-- Roger's tall challenges: New CEO takes it slow and steady
May 29-- Canada in deficit for the first time in a dozen years
May 29-- Chrysler bankruptcy forces Lee Iacocca to park his free car for life
May 29-- Suncor, Petrocan need each other's assets
May 29-- Loonie highest since October 7
May 29-- Writedown triggers loss for Royal Bank
May 29-- Tensions clog Opel talks
May 29-- 'Drag Me To Hell': Canadians buying into ailing automakers
May 29-- Canwest newspaper subsidiary defers interest payment
May 29-- Wanted: 'rusty' tool to cool Canadian dollar
May 29-- Magna to take over Opel: German officials
May 29-- Scotiabank strategy for credit losses will 'hurt': Desjardins
May 29-- Can money really buy happiness? Depends …
May 28-- Ottawa can sell the CANDU
May 28-- Bid to kill 'buy U.S.' hinges on provinces
May 28-- Flaherty won’t resign over $50B deficit: 'not a time for partisan games'
May 28-- The Conservative revolution flies under the radar
May 28-- CIBC narrows loss, TD grows adjusted profit
May 28-- GM sweetens deal for bondholders
May 28-- Economy's good. Gone fishin'
May 28-- Merkel urged to choose Magna as Opel buyer
May 27-- GM bond deadline passes, bankruptcy seen near
May 27-- What's Bank of Canada's take on the loonie?
May 27-- Canada poised to take stake in ailing GM
May 27-- Chrysler May sales tank, crucial bankruptcy ruling awaited
May 27-- Don't blame it on the economy
May 27-- U.S. faces Zimbabwe-sized inflation rate, Faber warns
May 27-- U.S. existing home sales rise 2.9% in April
May 26-- China's smart recovery
May 26-- B.C. deficit could be four times government estimates, forecasters predict
May 26-- Canfor Pulp downgraded to a 'sell'
May 26-- Canada deficits affordable, short-term: PM
May 26-- Germany presses Opel suitors, China bid emerges
May 26-- Flaherty warns deficit may top record $50-billion
May 26-- Brace for larger deficit: Flaherty
May 26-- Don’t blame deficit on the economy
May 26-- Bank of Montreal cuts 1,100 jobs as profit falls 44%
May 26-- CAW members approve GM deal
May 25-- GM's mom and pop investors gird for battle
May 22-- GM, Canadian auto workers reach pact to cut costs
May 22-- GM bondholders to reject offer, gird for bankruptcy
May 22-- Windsor eyed for electric car plant
May 22-- Magna gets early nod in race for GM's Opel
May 22-- U.S. to work with GM ahead of June 1 deadline
May 22-- GM slashes 240 dealers from Canada
May 22-- Manufacturing seen as smaller part of economy
May 22-- Canada well-placed for economic rebound: IMF
May 22-- Harper rejects call to ease job benefit rules
May 21-- Ottawa introduces new credit card regulations
May 21-- Canadians ignoring low-interest credit cards
May 21-- How your credit card bill profiles you as a consumer (or debtor)
May 20-- Day of reckoning for the U.S. dollar
May 18-- GM, Chrysler borrow from Toyota's playbook
May 18-- Oil sands output could rise to 6.3-million barrels a day: U.S. report
May 18-- American Express to cut 4,000 jobs
May 18-- World Bank: Global growth may resume late '09
May 16-- China holds sway over US$
May 15-- GM, CAW talks going in to the night
May 15-- GM to drop one in six dealers in the U.S.
May 15-- Oil sands crucial to energy mix: Imperial CEO
May 15-- Top Petro-Canada supporter against Suncor deal
May 13-- U.S. shoppers trample market's 'green shoots'
May 12-- Foreign bids for Nortel may be welcome
May 12-- Caisse ignored warning signs, committee hears
May 12-- Personal bankruptcies jump 57% in Canada
May 12-- Suzuki suspends output at Ingersoll plant
May 12-- Commodities help TSX get on an even keel
May 12-- Robert Friedland steps in as Potash One moves to raise funds
May 12-- Porter proves stiff competition for Air Canada, WestJet
May 11-- GM boss prepared to leave Detroit
May 11-- Economist sees signs strong rebound taking root
May 11-- Clement wants warning of GM Chapter 11
May 11-- Chrysler lawyers ask judge to pay them first
May 11-- Ford to sell 300 million common shares
May 11-- Nortel sells buildings, land to Calgary for $97-million
May 11-- Microsoft to raise US$3.75-billion in first bond offering
May 11-- Repair fight: Dealer purge raises service question
May 11-- Canada should stress trade with U.S. outside NAFTA: report
May 10-- Hiring people as 'upgrades to their desk'
May 10-- The best tax break you’ve never heard of
May 10-- Let's steal Florida Part IV
May 9-- The end of the road for GM; a new path for Chrysler
May 8-- ‘Esthetic of poverty’
May 8-- Canadians embracing a do-it-yourself recovery
May 8-- Debt holders battle political, judicial forces
May 7-- Potash expects supply to be tight for up to 10 years
May 7-- Here's the new boss, same as the old boss
May 7-- Ten U.S. banks need to raise a total of US$75B
May 7-- Let the curtain rise on GM, the drama
May 7-- Manulife, Sun Life hit by market losses
May 7-- Canada kicks off trade fight with U.S.
May 6-- Washington courts Bay Street to buy banks
May 6-- TSX closes above 10,000 as investors turn bullish
May 6-- Economy faces more shocks and setbacks, Carney warns
May 6-- Recession robs Canadians of sleep and productivity
May 6-- Clement 'playing hard ball' with Stelco owner
May 6-- Enbridge outlines plans for four pipeline projects
May 5-- The 'steady midnight guy' waits on Chrysler
May 5-- Bernanke sees U.S. recovery this year
May 5-- Libor falls to historic low as credit thaws
May 5-- Fed says U.S. decline slowing; no further debt buying
May 5-- Home sales uptick hints of slump easing
May 5-- Bernanke sees U.S. recovery this year
May 5-- WestJet earnings fall, but beat estimates
May 5-- Detroit adapts to the new reality
May 5-- EU votes to ban seal products
May 5-- Chrysler lenders seek secrecy in bankruptcy case
May 4-- Chrysler gets court OK on loan
May 4-- Chrysler must restructure in 60 days or die, court hears
May 3-- Conditions right for economic recovery later in year: BOC's Carney
May 3-- Technology the new engine of central Canada
May 2-- Chrysler socialism is real capitalism
May 1-- The Road Ahead: Honda, Toyota and Ford are now in the spotlight
May 1-- 'We are done with the freefall': Scotia's Jestin

The Globe and Mail

May 31-- GM set for bankruptcy protection
May 31-- Can the Volt recharge GM?
May 31-- Canada should use its Detroit foothold
May 31-- U.S. economy on the mend, Geithner says
May 31-- U.S. economic slump eases
May 31-- 'We want to build Opel cars in Canada'
May 31-- Two German states approve Opel funding
May 31-- Canada gets no respect – from Canadians
May 29-- Royal Bank loses $50-million
May 29-- Canadian dollar on a roll
May 29-- U.S. economic slump eases
May 29-- Fiat boycotts Berlin meeting on Opel
May 29-- Canada set to take large stake in GM
May 29-- Tata Motors profit plunges 51 per cent
May 29-- Air Canada 'on the ropes,' WestJet CEO says
May 29-- Oil surges above $65
May 28-- Arctic contains 13% of remaining oil
May 28-- $1.4-million for every job saved
May 28-- Canadian taxpayers to hold GM shares
May 28-- Auto bailout costs soar
May 28-- Deficit means years of restraint
May 28-- From surplus to deficit
May 28-- Liberals go for jugular
May 28-- Charges send CIBC to $51-million loss
May 28-- Pension woes grip Air Canada
May 28-- Costco sales continue to soften
May 28-- Obama says U.S. economy is “back from the brink”
May 28-- Dell profit plummets 63 per cent
May 28-- More than 70 CBC workers take retirement
May 27-- EI claims soar but pace of layoffs eases
May 27-- GM's bond swap fails; bankruptcy is next step
May 27-- GM pools Opel and Vauxhall ahead of sale
May 27-- Buying Opel: A look at the four bidders
May 27-- Deficit swells from $34-billion to $50-billion – in 4 months
May 27-- It's deep breath time
May 27-- Most U.S. economists see recession's end this year
May 27-- Stocks dip as GM gets closer to bankruptcy
May 27-- Canadian corporations feel the recession's bite
May 27-- Catalyst Paper plans to cut 100 jobs
May 26-- Goodale’s gotcha?
May 26-- S&P starts Canadian stock index defined by Islamic law
May 18-- ‘Tiny steps of progress' in GM, CAW talks
May 18-- Goldman, Morgan seek to repay TARP
May 18-- Volkswagen, Porsche tie-up looks less likely
May 18-- Model economy? Consider Italy
May 18-- Greenpeace targets Statoil's oil sands plans
May 18-- Casinos pinched by stumbling economy
May 18-- American Express to cut 4,000 jobs
May 12-- GM chiefs dump their shares, and investors follow
May 12-- ‘All is not on the mend in Canadian trade'
May 12-- Aeroplan on shopping trip
May 12-- Consumer bankruptcies soar
May 12-- Non-bank ABCP seemed solid, Caisse says
May 12-- Oil hits $60-a-barrel mark
May 12-- Desjardins raises target prices for Canadian banks
May 12-- The rich, shadowy Bilderberg group
May 12-- Bakery business sale boosts George Weston
May 11-- Canada still in 'strong slowdown:' OECD
May 11-- Ford offers 300 million new shares
May 11-- GM bankruptcy likely, CEO says
May 11-- China to surpass U.S. as main economic driver, Soros says
May 11-- China confident on economic upturn
May 11-- New home prices edge lower
May 11-- AIG sells Japan headquarters for $1.2-billion
May 11-- CanWest offered lifelines
May 11-- Bombardier confirms $1.1-billion Paris deal
May 11-- Its superstores stalling, Canadian Tire gets 'smart'
May 11-- World markets dip as rally runs out of steam
May 9-- Victoria Times Colonist to scrap Monday edition
May 9-- Vancouver scores coup with Pixar studio
May 9-- Dissident Chrysler debt holders disband
May 8-- 'Glimmers of hope' as some find work, others work for themselves
May 8-- Leak discounted in sudden rise of the loonie
May 8-- At Manulife, new rules for a new game
May 7-- Stress test results provide ‘clarity'
May 7-- BCE, Telus join forces on satellite TV
May 7-- GM bankruptcy likely, CAW says
May 7-- GM's loss hits $6-billion
May 7-- 'So lucky we didn't get it'
May 7-- Fiat head Sergio Marchionne to become Chrysler CEO
May 7-- Canadian gas stations in decline: survey
May 7-- Potash Corp. forecasts tight potash supply
May 7-- A bit more traffic, much more spending at Shoppers
May 7-- Inflation worries push gold higher
May 7-- Tim Hortons profit rises
May 6-- How a good plan went bad
May 6-- Markets maintain heady pace, but is all this optimism justified?
May 6-- As foreigners walk, Ottawa's talk turns tough
May 6-- Bank backstops needed at least until next year: Carney
May 6-- Pass or fail, U.S. banks bow again to Washington
May 6-- Magna halts dividend as sales plunge
May 6-- Abitibi wins Quebec debtor funding
May 6-- Oil surges to 2009 high
May 5-- Recession over this year, Bernanke says
May 5-- Markets ‘just drifting around' after Monday's gains
May 5-- Chrysler may not repay government loans: Flaherty
May 5-- 'Low likelihood' Chrysler loans will be repaid
May 5-- Food inflation lifts Loblaw
May 5-- CanWest faces new debt deadline
May 5-- Life insurers face $1.6-billion in losses
May 5-- Quebec risks jobs over Abitibi clause, court told
May 3-- Fiat in talks to buy GM Europe
May 3-- How Walter's dream became a nightmare
May 3-- The auto industry's future: Virtual mergers
May 2-- Buffett praises government actions on economy
May 2-- Shaw's TV deal is all about the optics
May 1-- An auto maker ‘clearly in a different place'
May 1-- A courtship that spanned the globe
May 1-- Ex-Abitibi head joins creditor queue
May 1-- Parts shortage halts Chrysler plants
May 1-- Not cleared for takeoff
May 1-- Canfor to restart Mackenzie mill
May 1-- Canadian auto sales fall 17.8 per cent
May 1-- Consumer insolvencies to skyrocket: TD

The Toronto Star

May 31-- GM's rebirth begins now
May 31-- Opel newest gem in Frank Stronach's crown
May 31-- Real estate bidding wars make a comeback
May 30-- WestJet's commission cut dismays travel agents
May 30-- UAW agrees to cut GM's labour costs
May 30-- Royal Bank reports first loss since 1993
May 29-- GM now a penny stock
May 29-- Crisis to ease by early 2010, IMF chief says
May 29-- WestJet CEO swipes at Air Canada
May 29-- Banks told to act on card concerns
May 29-- Canadians may own 10% of new GM
May 29-- U.S. economy shrinks 5.7 per cent
May 28-- Port of Montreal container traffic down 10% in Q1
May 27-- Exxon shareholders reject climate change resolutions
May 27-- GM bankruptcy likely after plan rejected
May 27-- Global economy worse than expected, UN says
May 27-- Stocks lower as U.S. bond prices slump
May 27-- Chrysler in court for key bankruptcy hearing
May 27-- Layoffs loom as BMO profits shrivel
May 27-- Laurentian Bank profit slips to $21.2M
May 9-- Big spike in number of homes lost in GTA
May 9-- Buy Canadian, unions tell Canada Post
May 9-- Dissidents abandon Chrysler court fight
May 8-- Fannie Mae seeks $19B in additional aid
May 8-- Chinese auto sales hit record high
May 8-- Air Canada plunges on soaring loss
May 7-- Credit card promotion alarms independent grocers
May 7-- CAW fears GM bankruptcy
May 7-- Sun Life blames loss on poor market conditions
May 6-- Canada issues warning to U.S. Steel
May 6-- Canada starts free trade talks with EU
May 6-- U.S. bank stress tests released Thursday
May 3-- Ruling casts chill over ability to collect legal fees
May 3-- The boom, bust and echo of the Emerald economy
May 2-- Is history repeating itself?
May 2-- Ontario resorts brace for rocky summer
May 2-- Vehicle sales and leases fall 17.8%
May 2-- Chrysler to close five more plants by the end of 2010

Vancouver Papers

May 31-- GM trundles toward bankruptcy, but questions remain
May 28-- Province's property tax meddling yields predictable unfairness
May 28-- Vancouver tops losers in housing slump
May 27-- There's light at the end of the economic tunnel, and it's not a train
May 25-- World economy seen behaving like a teenager
May 8-- B.C. gains 17,000 new jobs as Metro Vancouver unemployment drops
May 8-- Pixar to open satellite studio in Vancouver
May 8-- Gaming with Microsoft
May 7-- B.C. exports expected to fall 23%
May 6-- NDP candidate 'convicts' forestry of stumpage abuses
May 6-- Value of Metro Vancouver building permits plunges in March
May 6-- B.C. housing prices still under pressure to fall, Scotia Economics says
May 5-- eBay to close Burnaby facility; about 700 jobs lost
May 5-- B.C. housing prices still under pressure to fall: Scotia Economics
May 5-- Vancouver stock promoter offers to buy Mackenzie pulp mill
May 5-- B.C. mining industry posts record financial results
May 3-- Brace yourself - more job numbers coming up

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