Sunday, May 03, 2009

Pandemic Pandemonium May

The swine flu virus, Mexican Flu or A H1N1 as its been re branded of late, continues to make some headlines into May and we update the developments here.

May 18-- Flu not dwindling as fast as hoped, experts say
May 18-- Schools Close as Spike in Swine Flu Cases Hits Japan
May 18-- Experts meet at WHO as new flu spreads in Japan
May 17-- WHO eyes swine flu transmission rates, new vaccine
May 17-- 24 new cases of swine flu reported in Quebec
May 16-- Cases of A H1N1 flu in province reach 100
May 16-- Swine flu from Alta. farm matches human virus
May 14-- H1N1 flu cases, death toll rises worldwide
May 14-- 31 new Canadian cases of swine flu confirmed
May 13-- Chinese student returns from Canada with swine flu
May 11-- H1N1 flu spreads easier than regular flu: study
May 10-- Flu tally climbs in Canada, worldwide
May 9-- Quarantined Alberta pig farm due culls 500 hogs
May 9-- Swine flu confirmed in Alberta woman who died
May 9-- Canada now has 281 cases of swine flu
May 8-- WHO’s credibility questioned as pandemic fears fade
May 8-- Hotel guests jubilant after week-long swine flu quarantine lifted
May 8-- WHO changes tune, now says pork safe to eat
May 7-- Canada ready for pandemic, CMA head says
May 7-- Mexico gets back to normal, China eases flu quarantine
May 7-- Don't eat pork from infected animals: WHO
May 4-- Swine flu hits Decker Lake school
May 4-- Three Cases of H1N1 in Decker Lake
May 4-- Swine flu confirmed in 3 northern B.C. students
May 4-- 10 new B.C. cases, Alberta girl hospitalized as Canadian swine flu caseload grows
May 4-- China isolates Que. students over swine flu fears
May 4-- Beware fake flu medications: Health Canada
May 4-- Alberta girl hospitalized with 'severe' swine flu
May 4-- Mexican player suspended for pretending to cough in opponent's face
May 4-- Pork industry in panic as pigs catch the flu
May 4-- Human-to-swine transmission escalates mutation risk
May 4-- Nations ban pork amid flu fears
May 4-- Global flu cases surge past 1,000
May 4-- CDC: Swine Flu Outbreak Signs 'Encouraging'
May 3-- Flu cases rising in Canada, Alberta pigs infected
May 3-- Flu cases jump to 101 in Canada
May 3-- Seven more in B.C. with Mexican flu
May 3-- Mexico says flu peak over, pandemic risk lingers
May 3-- Alberta pigs infected with flu, CFIA says
May 3-- Mexico says its swine flu epidemic in decline
May 3-- Swine flu epidemic in decline: Mexico
May 3-- Canada's pork industry hit with trade bans
May 2-- Flu cases rising in Canada, Alberta pigs infected
May 2-- Mexico flu fallout: Soccer played in empty stadiums
May 2-- 21st century world better prepared for pandemic: experts
May 2-- Potential pandemic or garden-variety flu? No agreement among experts
May 2-- Experts hope flu stays mild as Canadian cases rise
May 2-- No sustained spread of swine flu virus outside North America: WHO
May 2-- Lessons of 1976: flu, fear, wasted millions
May 1-- Sharper picture of swine flu virus outbreak begins to emerge
May 1-- Life under lockdown
May 1-- Hong Kong has first case confirmed in Asia

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