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Podunk Below the Masthead Monday, May 25, 2009

The PRSS Grads take their bows, a skills fair for the youth of the city and the Auditor General finds flaws in DFO's compliance when it comes to Habitat policies. Just a sample of Monday's offerings in the Daily News.

PRSS GRADS RECEIVE ACCOLADES FOR JOB WELL DONE-- The First of the grad ceremonies this year took place on Friday night as the students of PRSS celebrated their achievements over their time at the west side secondary school. The PRSS Graduation ceremony took place at the PAC on Friday, with proud parents, teachers and administrators wishing well to their departing class (see full story below)

A chance for local youth to show their skills comes up in June as the North Coast Youth Career Awareness project holds a Youth Skills fair at the Civic Centre Auditorium on June 3rd. 38 people have confirmed participation thus far all anxious to show would be employers their skills and ideas. The fair is designed along the lines of a reverse career fair, where the job seekers or young entrepreneurs of the city can showcase their capabilities. Admission to the fair is free and it runs from 1 until 4.

The Auditor General gives the Department of Fisheries and Oceans a bit of a wrist slap over the lack of compliance when it comes to salmon habitat. Sheila Fraser outlined how in her determinations it is her belief that the DFO "cannot demonstrate that they are adequately administering and enforcing the Fisheries Act, and applying the Habitat Policy and the Compliance and Enforcement Policy in order to protect fish habitat from the adverse impacts of human activity."

It marks the second time that the Auditor General has taken DFO to task over the issue, having commented on their shortcomings back in 2001 at the time of her last audit. DFO has hopes to work harder on those issues as outlined by Fraser, with a tentative deadline of March 2010 to determine what actions are needed to fully implement the Habitat Policy.

Slow Pitch was the focus of the sports pages on Monday with two pages dedicated to the Ice Break tournament that gets the 2009 season fully underway.

Total pages in the Monday edition (12)

Front page, headline story:

By George T. Baker
The Daily News
Monday, May 25, 2009
Page one

Wherever their path forward may He, the graduating students of Prince Rupert Secondary School have much to leave behind.

As the 94 graduates celebrated their coming of age Friday, they also may have thought much about what had been encountered on their way to adulthood: notepads, lectures, projects-, curfews and that particular smell of the gym change rooms.

But the city of Prince Rupert, along with the parents and families of the graduates, spent time Friday night letting each student know that they were proud to see what they have accomplished.

"These graduates are definitely the new generation: they live life to the fullest and they have fun," said PRSS principal Sheila Wells.

Graduates Kerri Wilson and Micheal Hill gave a speech in s'malygex, and an English translation thereof, that thanked all the teachers, parents and administration for helping the students achieve their dreams, a sentiment that was echoed by civic representatives throughout the evening.

Pastor Alex Hogendoorn spoke to the students about never forgetting about where educational values come from and how best to treat each other in the future. .-

"Living your dreams does not give you license to be selfish," said Hogendoorrn. "But you have made so many people here tonight proud."

School Board Chair Tina Last spoke for school trustees and told the students that it had been a pleasure for the school district to help guide the graduates from their first day in kindergarten to their last day in high school.

"To be with you, here tonight, is one of the best parts of being a trustee. This ceremony reminds us why the school district must work hard to provide the best education possible,'
said Last.

Acting superintendent Dave Stigant agreed.

"Congratulations to all tonight. I not only congratulate the students but the parents, the staff and the support of the community. Well done to all the community partners in helping your students attain education,' said Stigant.

City Hall was represented too on Friday as councilor Sheila Gordon-Payne reminisced over how she had known many of the students over the years and that she had noticed how good of a job they had done.

"Where you go, wherever you pursue your dreams, don't forget your hometown. We'll always be proud of you," said Gordon-Payne.

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