Thursday, May 14, 2009

CN plans begin to gain notice at the Enbridge offices

“We are planning, with a partner, a sulphur terminal in Prince Rupert. We would bring liquid sulphur from the Fort McMurray area and the Heartland to Prince Rupert and reform it there and put it on vessels for China or other places in Asia”-- Randy Meyer, CN’s manager of oil sands sales, outlining how Prince Rupert will play an important role in the railroads, rolling pipeline plans…

The battle for the right to transport the products of the tar sands to world markets, is heating up. This as CN Rail continues its public relations push to sell the idea of a rolling pipeline of sorts from the Fort McMurray tar sands to the west coast and Prince Rupert’s Pacific port.

CN has been offering up instructive media pieces of late, designed to inform Alberta’s oil patch of the potential benefits of shipping their products and receiving their supplies through the CN network of tracks throughout Alberta and across northern BC to Prince Rupert.

The CN plan could see an extra four to six new trains a day hauling product across Western Canada, with the railroad hoping to get their project underway this year with up to 10,000 barrels of product rolling across their tracks by the end of the year.

It’s a suggestion that if accepted could make the plans for Enbridge’s Gateway pipeline obsolete, stopping that 4 billion dollar project in its tracks if you will before the first shovel hits the ground.
Enbridge, quickly realizing that the CN plans could drastically affect their own plans have slowly started to offer up their counter opinion, though it would seem that at the moment the CN project is certainly creating the most buzz.

CN stressing its existing infrastructure as ready to go, advising that they are planning, with a partner, the construction of a sulphur terminal in Prince Rupert.
When completed the plan would be to bring liquid sulphur from the Fort McMurray area and the other parts of Western Canada to Prince Rupert, reformulate it there and put it on vessels for any number of overseas destinations.

The latest of their talking points was found in the Calgary Herald of May 13th.

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