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Podunk Below the Masthead, Monday, May 11, 2009

There is such a thing as a free lunch at the SPCA, Enbridge offers up their latest rebuttal in the great pipeline debate and the school district seeks flexibility in budget matters. A few of the items in the Monday edition of the Daily News.

RUPERT SPCA WILL BE 'FED UP' WITH NEW PET FOOD SUPPLIER-- The local branch of the SPCA will benefit from a province wide deal with Hill's Pet Nutrition, which will supply branches of the BC SPCA with two years worth of free meals, some 206,000 pounds of food over the course of those two years.

With that welcome development, the local branch found itself having to move some food this past week, so they donated their existing supplies to the Salvation Army for distribution to those families in need that may have pets. The tale of the free meal deals, was the front page headline story in the Monday paper. (The full story can be found below)

Elsewhere in the Monday edition, Enbridge once again explains its side of the pipeline debate, hoping to rally support for it's plans for a pipeline from Kitimat to Alberta's tar sands. Last week Enbridge's Terrace office was the subject of a protest march, as local residents agings the energy giants plans made their views known.

And while behind the news cycle from last weeks School District deliberations over budget concerns, the Daily News weighed in with their report on the latest developments of School District 52, which is in the final steps of presenting their budget for the 2009-10 school year. The SD also must wait for student numbers to finalize before making any final determinations, residents of Kitkatla are still trying to decide if they wish to follow the lead of Port Simpson and set up their own local school system, or if they will remain under the umbrella of SD52. A decision which could have a major impact on funding expectations and decisions.

The Sports section was a busy place, two pages of local information, including results of the Glory Days run, Prince Rupert Senior Secondary's golf team competition in Smithers and coverage of the Mr. and Mrs. golf tournament held over the weekend.

Total pages in the Monday edition 12

By George T. Baker
The Daily News
Monday, May 11, 2009
Page one

A Howling great gift was handed to the Salvation Army on Friday.

The Prince Rupert branch of the BC SPCA has handed over a van-full of dog food to the local Sally Ann, as the organization looks to move excessive stock.

In B.C., the provincial animal advocate has signed a two-year deal with Hill's Pet Nutrition Canada, a pet food supplier. The deal is meant to keep the BC SPCA off donations for the foreseeable future while promoting the brand to SPCA pet adopters.

"This is a great opportunity for our animals to stay on a consistent diet," said Prince Rupert branch manager LindsayVincent.

Vmcent, who dropped the food off with a little help from locals having lunch at the Sally Ann, said that having a consistent diet would be the best thing for the animals.

The pet food company's deal will result in 206,000 pounds of dog and cat food dropped off to SPCAs across the province.

Vincent said that the new food that is available now would make the very kind food donations from Rupertites no longer necessary for cats and dogs at the shelter.

The BC SPCA wanted people to know that they have worked and studied the contribution from Hills and 1ft a recent statement the organization said that the new arrangement fit within the non-profit's requirements to prevent cruelty to animals.

"We concluded that their positions on animal testing are consistent with the BC SPCA's own

position, namely that animal research would not be performed on personal care or vanity products and that any research will incorporate leading edge practices to address welfare concerns," said the agency.

"We will still accept the odds and sods like toys, collars, leashes and blankets," said Vincent.

The SPCA will also continue to accept food supplies for rabbits, birds, gerbils, hamsters, and other small animals.

"We want to thank all the people who have donated over the years for their kindness and we do have a list of urgently-needed items for our branch, which we would be happy to supply locals with,' said Vincent.

BC SPCA shelters, adoption centres, storefront locations and branches across the province are currently competing in, The Great BC SPCA Adoption Challenge, an annual event to try and find "forever" homes for as many animals as possible during the month of May.

Sadly, only 17 per cent of cats and 13 per cent of dogs in Canadian households are acquired from shelters and rescue groups like the BC SPCA.

That means the vast majority of pets are acquired from pet stores, breeders, the Internet and newspaper or online classified ads. This is in spite of the fact that pet overpopulation is a tremendous concern in B.c., and unwanted litters of kittens and puppies are surrendered to SPCA shelters almost every day.

The Great BC SPCA Adoption Challenge is an opportunity to celebrate the many ways these animals enrich our lives, and to highlight the important role we playas the guardians entrusted with their care.

The top branches in the challenge will win a cash prize of $2,500 to be used locally and will vie for the coveted Be SPCA Adoption Award (and of course, bragging rights for their community!).

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