Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Council realizes field of dreams for Kootenay area

Prince Rupert City Council has given the go ahead for the Kaien Anti Poverty Society to commence with a little urban farming on the western side of the city.

The Community Garden will take up an area 12 meters by 12 metre in the area around the old Kooteny Ball Fields, the Garden is but one phase of a three part development which will also see a picnic area and recreation space created on the site.

The process of turning the scrubland into a community garden will take place over the summer, as area residents begin to turn the ground into a fertile growing area.

It's not the first time that a community garden concept has been given a green light, at one time there was to be a similar style of development on the area of land immediately east of Roosevelt School, but that project never seemed to get off the drawing board, other than for the cutting down of some trees and a bit of preliminary work on the land in the area.

It's hoped that with this project adjacent to a housing development in the vicinity that the community around Kootenay Field will adopt the project as their own and turn the concept of a Community Garden into a reality.
CJFW FM had a short piece on the project posted to their website.

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