Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More free time for Ridley Workers on the weekends

Ridley Terminals has announced that starting on June 22nd the coal terminal will be reducing the work hours of the operations at the terminal.

A May 25 memo from management announced the decision to close the coal facility for operations on weekends.

The reduction amounts to a 28 per cent decrease in the time available to Ridley's customers, with the terminal operating on a 24 hour basis for the remaining five days of the work week. Though you have to wonder what impact that the decision to shut down the terminal on weekends may have on potential customers and whether it may result in further layoffs of workers further down the line at RTI.

It marks the second time that Ridley has made a refinement to its coal shipment schedule and comes as President Dan Veniez has been embrolied in a public spat with Conservative MP Jay Hill over the fate of privatization of the facility.

The Northern View outlined the schedule changes in a story posted on line on Tuesday.

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