Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Marry for love, Marry for money... Love comes calling to the funnies..

The world's longest courtship has come to an end, and in these economically desperate times, Archie Andrews apparently went for the money.

Archie comic publications announced this week that Riverdale's most sought after, never ending teenager at heart has finally made the plunge and chosen Veronica Lodge to be his intended.

A decision that apparently has left quite a few comic book aficionados and Betty Cooper boosters speechless.

It seems that having trolled the high school years and then college for these last sixty seven years, that the Riverdale gang are about to head off into the working world, with Archie and Veronica off to set up house.

A special marital edition of the comic franchise is planned for August, no doubt the Princess Di Wedding for the comic book set.

The drama has apparently been playing out on the blogosphere as well, with both Veronica and Betty offering up their deepest thoughts on the subject matter for the always faithful to follow and comment on.

Still, the dramatic decision has provided for some interesting commentary on the Globe and Mail webpage that carried details of the historic moment.

A storyline which provided some rather astute observations from the Riverdale crowd, the most telling of which came from that pragmatic bon vivant of Riverdale, Reggie, who clearly aware of the terrain ahead muses that if Archie has chosen Veronica, then “Betty is probably free Friday night. Maybe I should ask her out.”
We sense perhaps a double ceremony, maybe a triple if Jughead ever gets his act together.

But, if you think about it, after sixty seven years, shouldn't they all be more concerned about their social security benefits, than any marital ones?

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