Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Coming soon to a corner somewhat near you...

It would appear that the days of free door to door delivery of the Wednesday and Friday Daily News is about to come to an end.

Page two of the Tuesday edition of the paper provided a list of 30 drop box locations, where the Wednesday and Friday editions will be made available starting May 13th.

Those residents that currently receive home delivery during the week will continue to have the "free" editions delivered to their door.

It's the latest change in the distribution system for the daily paper, which had seen the workload for carriers increased heavily on the two free days, as they suddenly had to deliver to every house on the block as opposed to those that subscribe to the paper.

The drop boxes will offer the paper to those residents that wish to read the complimentary copies twice a week, though they'll have to take a casual stroll for that opportunity. The full list of the locations covers the majority of the city from west to east, leaving out the downtown core for the most part from the free delivery scenario.

There is no word on whether the local newsstands which carry the Daily News will still be charging for the Wednesday and Friday editions, a policy that has puzzled many since the free delivery day system was first launched.
It will be interesting to watch how this new process evolves and whether it is well received by the public or becomes an issue that makes the journey to the letter to the editor page.

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