Friday, May 29, 2009

Farmer Jack’s glad tidings arrive in the mail

Where your Taxes Go?

"Although your taxes are payable to the City of Prince Rupert, the City does not keep all of the tax monies for its own purposes.
The City acts as a collection agency for the Provincial Government for School Taxes, and other authorities for the funding of Hospitals, Regional District, the BC Assessment Authority and Municipal Finance Authority of BC” – From the Message from the Mayor, arriving with your tax bill sometime soon, explaining just what happens to all your money..

When Podunkians arrive home this afternoon and check their mail boxes they may have an almost automatic desire to grab their wallets or purses, as arriving in the day’s mail across town is the annual ritual mailing of greetings and salutations from the City of Prince Rupert.

It’s property tax time again, as the city makes an impressive turnaround time from approval of tax increases (but a few weeks ago) to delivery of tax bills to your home mail box.

In addition to the breakdown of your tax payments (and the approved upon increases 3.8 % thank you very much) not to mention the application for the Home Owner Grant (all be it in the smallest type possible, so don’t miss it!), the mailing offers a handy mailer from Mayor Jack Mussallem, outlining the City’s budget particulars, from both the ledgers of Revenues and Expenditures.

And helpful as they are, there is even an area to learn how you can make those payments by Cheque, cash or interac, but NO credit please!
Credit cards are strictly verboten when it comes to matters of property tax payment, after all, the city probably doesn’t want you to be borrowing beyond your means.

Whichever method you prefer, you have a time limited opportunity to contribute to the city’s financial picture, the deadline for payment of your taxes is July 2, 2009 at which point a 10 Per cent penalty on taxes unpaid will come into effect.

After that we gather that the city will begin to act as its own “collection agency”, anxious to make sure that we all do our part as part of the big financial picture.

Tax Information from the City Website is available here.

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