Friday, May 01, 2009

Northwest communities don’t fare too well on the Moneysense index

Moneysense magazine has once again tabulated its findings on the communities considered to be the best ones to live in across Canada, and with the release of the fourth annual instalment of the magazine’s survey, we find that such Northwest communities as Prince Rupert and Terrace are still in the lower ranges of the rankings from last year.
Compiled by Phil Froats and Rob Gerlsbeck, comparisons were made of 154 communities across the nation and when the number crunching was done, Prince Rupert was ranked at 148 while Terrace was rated slightly higher at 132.
For Prince Rupert it was a move upwards by one, while Terrace saw a larger jump moving from its ranking of 150 last year to this year's jump of 18 spots.

Rupert was ranked on the bottom of the index in such categories as climate, unemployment, new vehicles on the road, in lifestyle issues including crime and the availability of health professionals. On the plus side we tend not to kill each other ranking us in a good placing when it comes to the homicide rate and our air quality is good as is our willingness to walk to work it seems.

The neighbours to the east in Terrace fared particularly well in such categories as discretionary income, new cars on the road and in medical services available, however like Rupert, weather, unemployment and population growth were the negatives that contributed to bringing down the scores.

The Full breakdown of our rankings from 1-154 can be found on the Moneysense website with a downloadable chart which tracks all of the 24 factors used in the survey’s final numbers.

If you have friends and relatives that have moved to Victoria it may be best not to share the links to the Moneysense findings, the British Columbia capital is at the opposite end of the scale compared to the Northwest, rated as the number one city in Canada in which to live.
If you hadn’t already had enough of the insufferable crowing that comes from those that have relocated to the Island, this survey certainly won’t be helpful to your stress levels as the comparisons reveal themselves between north and south.
Other BC communities that scored well and made it into the top 50 included Vancouver at number 5, Vernon 29, Salmon Arm 32, Dawson Creek 34, Richmond 37, Fort St. John 38, Courtenay 45. Prince George the largest community in Northern BC was ranked at137.

For Rupert and Terrace, the good news is that at least the two communities won't be known for holding down the very last spots, those unfortunate claims to fame will fall to Williams Lake at 152, Quesnel at 153 and New Glasgow Nova Scotia, which ranked dead last at 154.

We imagine that civic bonfires in those communities will be featuring copies of Moneysense as starter fuel this summer.

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