Sunday, January 14, 2007

The recruiting team

His most famous line from the Movie Jerry McGuire was “show me the money”, the mantra he kept repeating for the budding athlete Cuba Gooding Jr.

But perhaps Tom Cruise has expanded his fictional characters to real life, with word coming out in the American media that Cruise was instrumental in leading David Beckham to Los Angeles to play for the Galaxy of the MLS. We just have a vision of Becks screaming down the telephone to ole Tom that's he's showing him the money.

It seems that Tom and his wife Katie are close friends with the Beckhams, and Beckham is crediting a late night phone call with Cruise as the finishing touch in his decision to leave European football and become a pioneer in the lesser regarded North American version of the game.

This of course has now put the conspiracy buffs onto the trail, and they smell a recruiting drive for Mr. Cruise’s passion for Scientology, the New Ageish type religion that counts a number of high profile celebrities among its flock.

If the tabloid rumours are true, Mrs. Beckham, Victoria, is scheduled to appear in a soon to be produced Cruise produced picture based on an immortal spiritual being that Scientology believes is within all of us. The Thetan, will feature Victoria as an alien bride (a role that will be ripe for ridicule one assumes once it’s released). It’s a move that is expected to be but the first step in turning Mrs. Beckham into a Hollywood fixture.

Katie Holmes has as the story goes, adopted the former Spice Girl as her personal project, hoping to turn her into a movie star. While she’s taking care of those details, it’s reported in the British press that she’s also sharing the word about Scientology.

Judging by the recent behavior of Mr. Cruise regarding his belief
in Ron Hubbard’s religion and his intense devotion to its processes, one can see him finding a great sense of achievement should he deliver the Beckham’s to the word.

Nothing will come as a shock to observers of the Hollywood scene, though any conversion of the Beckham’s to a new way of thinking will certainly have an impact on the overall status of Scientology and will most likely bring many others into the Scientology orbit.

The mysterious group, tends to be rather secretive about its agenda and the role that celebrities play in its development. It’s a process that brings to mind another famous quote from Mr. Cruise’s vast library of film, and his quest for the truth rebutted by a brilliant Jack Nicholson.

“You can’t handle the truth,” which considering the subject matter and the suspicion of the masses about it pretty well sums things up nicely.

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