Thursday, January 18, 2007

Vitamin C, the new gasoline...

The price of your glass of orange juice or daily orange is about to skyrocket, as Florida and California feel the ravages of winter.

With cold snaps on both coasts of the United States, the fear is that the current crop of citrus fruits is in a severe danger, and so will be your pocket book when you next visit your local grocery store.

California officials suggest that 93 cartons of fruit were a risk an amount that could signify losses of over 1 billion dollars. Roughly 90% of the citrus sold in North American supermarkets comes from California or Florida, so producers and distributors are telling consumers that a price increase could hit as soon as next week.

However, they may have been a tad optimistic in their prediction of the timeline of price increases. One has to wonder if the price increases have not already arrived here, as a case of oranges at a local supermarket now checks out at nineteen dollars a case. It's a price that seemed unthinkable two weeks ago and makes one worry about what the cost of oranges may be when whatever new stock left to salvage rolls into town…

And with Valentine's Day on the horizon, consumers are being prepared for a sense of sticker shock when it comes to flowers for your favourite valentine, a situation that should surely test your sense of love!

It could be that when it comes to capitalizing on uncertain world supply situations, the grocery stores are quickly becoming the heir apparent to the nation’s gas stations.
The frozen orange picture above was discovered on the MSNBC site.

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