Monday, January 22, 2007

Putting the Monday into the Monday blues

Feeling a little glum today, was it a little hard to drag yourself out of bed as well? Well you may have a legitimate reason for your lethargy and lots of company as well.

Today is considered the worst day of the year, the full gravitas of the January blahs hits today, the Christmas credit card bills will have arrived by now, your New Year's Eve resolutions lay in tatters and the weather is positively gloomy and miserable.

Experts say that we can use this most gloomiest of days to turn our year around in its early stages, they suggest starting a new hobby, eating healthier, committing to a more vigorous exercise program or looking for a new job.

Or, we can just pull the covers up over our heads, after all the day is but 24 hours, most of which could be used constructively just sleeping...

Denial is just as good a program and takes a lot less effort!

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