Friday, January 19, 2007

Slower than molasses

For local residents of Podunk, connecting to the wired world has been and still is a rather tedious experience these past few days.

The city's Internet portal to the world CityWest has been moving at rather glacial speeds the last few days, a situation that hasn't gone un-noticed among the chat boards at htmf, the local bulletin board.

When these service slowdowns occur, we're generally left with only the rumour mill to answer the questions that many might have regarding their speed of the Internet service and the price we pay for the service that we seemingly don't always get.

Some say that Telus is at fault, others that it's a CityWest problem, but generally those thoughts are generated without anything resembling official information.

If one was to look for guidance on Citywest's own website, you would be rather disappointed.
Not surprisingly any details of service slowdowns don't make it to the web page offered up by the telecommunication provider for the Podunk area. It probably wouldn't make for a great sales tool to have a page dedicated to explaining why service is so slow and what is being done to rectify it, but it would at least provide some answers to the folks paying the bills.

But it would be corporately responsible. The locals pay some pretty good coin for their Internet connection and with little to no competition they get frustrated when things don't seem to be working and no reasons are provided, nor rebates promised.

If it's a CityWest problem they should let us know what it is and what they are doing to solve it. If it's a problem with Telus, then again that should be made public as well as what options we have to get around them if need be. If for no other reason than to take the heat off of the local provider.

It would quite beneficial for all if CityWest would use this page:

to tell us why this service:

isn't working!

But then again, considering the state of the slow speed of late, it would probably take too long to load the pages anyways.

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