Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Next week Herouxville council turns its attention to the proper identification of heretics…

Never mind pot holes, snow removal, taxes and cable TV, they’re worrying about the big picture in a small Quebec town. The town council of Herouxville has just laid out a list of acceptable behavior from anyone wishing to relocate to the rural Quebec town.

In what seems like a place in need of a screening of Little Mosque on the Prairie, (better rush out the French version soon!) the town’s politicians have put together the dos and don’ts for any would be Muslims that may wander their way.

Things like not to stone your wife, concerns over covering one's face other than on Halloween and equal opportunity in the town swimming pool and such, top the list of acceptable behavior for the would be townsfolk.

So far it’s a list with no one to read it, of the town’s 1300 residents, not one is an immigrant, let alone one of the Muslim faith and judging by the way things seem to be in the town, probably there is little chance of that situation changing in the near future. At least until the townsfolk get a better handle on society outside the town limits.

Things don’t seem to be too out of control in the bigger centers of Montreal, Quebec and where those English folks live, for the most part, the newcomers seem to understand these strange rules of the new lands and tend to follow them without the top ten list at the city limits.

Perhaps with more time on their hands, the council can work on a few other would be issues that aren’t likely to pop up, maybe a guideline on how to spot witches and a review of the McCarthy hearings, just in case they get a few more residents who inadvertently stumble into town.

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