Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Liberals launch counter attack on the web

Well if nothing else, technology is going to rule the next election campaign, whenever that may arrive. Both major political parties are taking to the creative departments to get their messages across to the nation.

Hot on the heels of the Conservatives advertising buy this week, with commercials less than flattering about Stephane Dion's abilities in matters environmental, comes the Liberal response.

Posted January 30 to the Liberal website is a blistering reminder of Harper's days in the Canadian Alliance and their desire to "block the job-killing, economy-destroying Kyoto Accord."

Included on the website is a link to a letter, which the Liberals say was written by Mr. Harper in 2002 and points to a completely different tune on the environment than the Conservatives are whistling at the moment.

The letter (which at times is hard to make out) apparently describes the Kyoto Accord as a socialist scheme, designed to suck money out of rich countries. While at the same time, the design of the letter seems to attempt to, er, shall we say suck the money out of fellow Alliance members and their friends. The letter by the end of it's blustery self becomes kind of a fundraising screed to rally the troops and collect some cash.

However it's use in a Liberal vein, all points to a serious ratcheting up of the rhetoric with the current session of Parliament but now only two days old, who knows where it all leads to next, but surely You Tube videos and Blackberry alerts are on the way.

And no doubt we're all in store for a refresher course of the pros and cons of a place and document called Kyoto.

It's a whole new era in political message making, it could very well end up that the last side left clicking wins!

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