Thursday, January 18, 2007

We blog, therefore we are…

Blogging and the on line media world received its time in the media spotlight today, as the Bill Good Show dedicated an hour towards the topic of the burgeoning blog scene and its impact on the mainstream media.

The topic of blogging started out slowly discussing the nations on line newspaper sites, which aren’t really blogs per se, and the web portal provided by Pierre Bourque, which is not so much of a blog but more of a clearing house of links to other contributors, Bouruqe’s site has recently been under the gun due to its advertising policy, (see a story on seanincognito about that) which was discussed in full by Good and his guests.

The topic of pending CRTC interest in the new technologies of the internet was introduced, examining their potential impact on the mainstream media and what kind of control or regulation that the governments national regulator may want to take regarding the explosion in the medium.

They looked at the You Tube phenomenon which can see more viewers for some home made on line creations than the major networks receive for their multi million dollar focus group driven television programming.

The introduction of new technology like the slingbox and such were discussed and how they will impact on the way we look at and use all forms of media in the near future.

Blogs were addressed as a forum for expression that could deteriorate into nothing but a home for personal grudges and rants, something that the discussion group says could bring render the blogging community into a form of irrelevance to topical debate.

However, the numbers of bloggers are expected to increase as technology makes the process easier and easier, featuring streaming video, audio and pictures to go with the written presentation.

Blogs and the new media changes will be providing for a shift in power from the traditional holders of the information to a more egalitarian force of citizens that share and spread news and opinion.

Of course when it comes to information, the best advice from the experts is to trust and verify, if you have a favourite blogger, you must have a past history with them, a reputation for reliability and a sense that they aren’t talking out of the back end of their computer keyboard.

Wikipedia was up for discussion as well, the on line encyclopedia that occasionally gets ravaged by those with less than honorable intentions. As one guest put it the wisdom of the masses however eventually edits those entries that may initially be incorrect or biased. Eventually a more balanced and correct examination of the topic will be presented as those self appointed guardians of information weigh in and tweak the information provided by many sources. Once again an indication of how the internet is changing the way we gather and receive information on the issues of the day.

The discussion ran from 10-11 am today (Thursday) and can be accessed on the CKNW Audio Vault for the next two weeks.

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